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DNA & Music

DNA music has been developed since the early 1970's when Geneticists found it easier to read the long strands of DNA code by assigning musical pitches to the 22 Amino Acids. This allowed them to compare DNA, look for mutations, and reverse engineer these tones back into proteins. This opened the way for more musical scientists to develop the system further until today where DNA music is now being taken very seriously by composers and musicians as a new form and medium of the music industry.

Your biological sequence (DNA) houses a unique melody that is eternal in all species having been passed on maternally since the point of creation. It carries the very expression of who we are. This melody exists within every living organism universally, and now we have the technology to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic understanding of life, each other, and ourselves.

- Stuart Mitchell
DNA Variations
Divine Music