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Number 11 seeking h...
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Number 11 seeking his ultimate dream

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I have been on a path of finding my dream and enlightenment. I found that I am an 11 and the nail is right on the mark. My goal now is to build my confidence and use the power of gratitude in Gods Blessings using "It Works", "The secret" and "The Law of Attraction."

Please give me insight to what can get me out of a fog I understand that an 11's growth is much slower. I just can't settle for that reality. My dreams and the people I want to help are important to me and the time is of the essence. What is the significance of an 11 and how can I hone this gift?

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Hello ModelErik, All these things you are doing are great. I would recommend adding meditation and connecting with your higher self. One way to get this started is to just close your eyes and do three deep breathing sets. Inhale deeply in your nose filling your abdominal cavity with air (pushing your stomach out) then holding to the count of 4. As you exhale through your mouth and pushing the air out forcibly and sucking your stomach in, say "I AM That I AM" continue from this point with a deep breath and "I AM that I AM" on the exhale. I find that this really helps you to connect with your higher self and then you can communicate with your higher self. Also when you find yourself in a frustrating (negative) situation invoke your higher self and you will feel the energy clear and your mind will clear as well allowing you to think with your heart and not your head. I am not a numerologist so I am not going to be able to answer about the significance of the 11 for you. If I can find that information I will return. NAMASTE!

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I have been learning numerology since the latter part of 2014 and have understood soo much about myself and others through my own teachings on the internet. I have come back to it again as have been soo busy with moving. It is such a great tool and I have always known I had a important purpose ......and .....I believe it is to help others understand and reconnect to their true self....and purpose.

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As 11's, I don't believe honing is needed. We just simply have to show up, participate in life and situations will present themselves. I actually believe that for all humankind. But, for us 11' least for me...if I stay in a state of allowing, meaning...I just trust that the Universe has got my back and I need to allow that power to do it's job...the better off I am.

I've never had to hone but, being insanely curious, I do spend much time on human issues, specifically, what makes people tick and how can I help ease pain.

Just live life!! Let the yellow brick road unfold in front of you and enjoy the journey!! Do your do! Hugs.