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How to put the Master Number 11 "Energy" into use PRACTICALLY in Life Decisions & Spirituality.

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My Life Path Number is "11" & i know its Energy in Theory. However, i dont know how to put this Energy into use PRACTICALLY in Life Decisions & Spirituality. Please any help?

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Number 11 is a Master number as is 22... Thus they are never added together in numerology. As with all things handling your own energy is 'your responsibility' or 'your ability to respond'.

It is my experience that as a number 11, the use of mastering your own energy and abilities, come with a challenge and depends on how much time and energy you are willing to put in. Meditation - I would say is 'Key'. You can best help others and yourself if . . . . . you learn to meditate, and work on your energy centres (chakra's). This would be mastering yourself, becoming Centred, Grounded and Energised.

Many people wish to connect to their Higher-self. This is much more likely to happen if you meditate, become still, quiet and at peace. Mainly because, then you can hear the small quiet voice that is the voice of wisdom, within yourself... Your IN-TUITION.

Often, this means practicing acting on this In-tuition rather than your 'intellect'.

If you will 'allow', the intellect and the thinking, is what you have trained your brain for.... but your instinct and intuition is often at odds to this computer brain. And, it is the computer analytical thinking that is slowed down and stopped during meditation.

To allow the 'Inspiration' of your 'In-tuition' to rise up and benefit you and all your relationships.

After meditation the way to resolve a problem can be 'revealed' to you! Perhaps from your Higher Self. Not the 'self' or ego, that is trying so hard to 'work it out'.

I have been practicing Raja Yoga for many years.

I recommend "The Middle Pillar" meditation from the Kabbala, which is the best and most complete way of running your energy LINEAR.... up and down the spine... instead of giving it all out or pulling in through the Solar Plexus! In fact, all chakra's should be approx. 5 cm across.... and the Solar Plexus, where the ribs meet, like a yellow sun...... is where ALL experiences and energy comes in.... before your ears hear, eyes see, head is aware. Thus you get 'Gut Re-action! It is often tooo open and too much info coming in.

That should keep you busy for a few quite a while, Happy inward Journey!

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PS Ah forgot something important!!!!!

As well as energising, meditating etc Dealing with Higher energy it is vital to be Grounded! Grounded! Grounded! ANd have good boundaries!

Grounding - Spin the Base Chakra to the right and to the good.... it is red like traffic light.... then throw a ribbon down to the heart of the Earth, the heart of the earth and your heart are ONE. Call your birth name down 3 times. And breath up the energy of the earth into the base of the Spine.

Boundaries - Close off your energy after spiritual work..... By the sign of the Cross, Father, son and Holy spirit (mother) Or from Father sky down to Mother earth.... across your heart to to centre yourself Here and NOw!

Draw a circle around your entire Aura ( egg shape, arms length from the body in every direction) and see it as ELECTRIC BLUE!

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I am an 11 and think I have some sort of channeling ability. Often, I say things that are spot on to a person where they feel validated in something they have not told anyone and "some how" I knew or I will say something they recently were inspired to do or someone has suggested to them. Or they will say, "that is exactly one has said it like that before." I no longer need to hear their validations to know when I am saying what they need to hear because I have learned to trust the inner hunches and feelings of what needs to be said.

Its to the point where i feel this inner tracking system that some how translates to images or straight from feelings to words. I just have to first center on the feeling that comes up when I am listening. When this opens up in me, I need to keep talking until the idea is fully expressed. Its a flow of words that is hard to retrieve.

I have a friend who records our conversations because I express insights in exactly a certain way that come out right the first time. When I express, its not some thing I think about, its instantaneous and feels like I am right on the spot. I don't doubt the truth of what I am saying because of the truthful place I am centered inside...hope this makes sense!

Also, I have dreams of things I am not educated about and when I research what I dreamed, I learn that it actually exists. One example is that I saw what looked really wide tornado came through our town. The next day, our town was hit by a devastating storm which the news was not prepared for. I wondered about my dream and researched what i saw which came up as a derecho and indeed, that is what hit us.

I have not heard of this concept or term in my life prior to the event...I know I am intuitive but something else is going on here

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I also possess the master number 11, I know only few people in the world were given this numbers because we were given a message or a definite purpose that we need to do in life and share to humanity.