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The Galaxy that Laid the Golden Egg

Jul 11, 2021

Our schools and churches do not tell us everything. They don’t tell us even the simplest things; things like the Earth-Moon system matches the geometry of a hen’s egg and that both are a containment property of the golden mean, Φ = (√5 + 1) / 2.

While we don’t hear much about it today (actually nothing about it), knowledge of this ‘cosmic egg’ geometry was apparently well known in the ancient world. The ancient Egyptian fable The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs speaks of this wisdom in philosophical terms long before Aesop wrote his fables. But the Great Pyramid of Khufu made it real. This triangular building was once a temple to the Earth-Moon egg, celebrating the golden mean in nature for all to see. The ancient Egyptian Naga knew that this ‘divine proportion’ contained everything and all things originated from it, bringing the world into a fine balance for life to evolve.

The truth is the entire solar system is a series of such eggs – nested one within another like a giant Russian Matryoshka doll – all resonating out of the Sun’s golden heliospheric spiral. We live inside this solar Matryoshka – growing in the yolk of an enormous fractal egg laid by the Milky Way. We wait to hatch, yet most wait completely unaware.

Why are we not told of this in our science classes? Why is this not mentioned in any documentary, written about in Popular Science or spoken of in our churches?

The answer is it would conflict with the ‘complicity of convenience’ between Science and Religion (begun 350 years ago during ‘The Enlightenment’) to avoid any mention of natural ‘pagan’ harmonic principles. For to mention such things would be to admit that life is purposeful in the cosmos and divinity can be found right there in nature. Such a worldview would conflict with the deeply entrenched scientific view of randomness and meaninglessness in all things and would threaten the well-defended Darwinian assumption that life emerged entirely by accident. It would also conflict with the Holy Roman Empire’s thousand year crusade to separate mankind from nature, enforcing social control through psychological and political means. No, we must not say a word, lest we bring down the teetering architecture of Western civilization.

So it seems, for now, that truth is less important than control and the status quo. Yet, hatch we must from our self-imposed blindness deep inside the eggshell; a spiritual evolution far beyond anything physical.

Richard Merrick

Richard Merrick was the founder and CEO of Postfuture, a pioneering rich-media communications provider for companies like Best Buy and Microsoft. Under his leadership, the company grew from a tiny start-up in 1999 into the top digital communications company of 2004 and 4th fastest growing technology company in Texas. Prior to this, he was the technology founder and elected CEO of 7th Level, a global CD-ROM game publisher and Internet technology company known for such award-winning titles as TuneLand Starring Howie Mandel and Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail. Merrick's work spans many areas of digital media, including search engines, graphics operating systems, multi-media authoring applications, interactive games, voice-response Web agents and dynamically personalized Internet communications. Throughout his career he has been invited to speak around the world on the future of digital media and cited as an expert in leading publications. He is an improvisational pianist & composer, archetypal artist and independent researcher into the physics, history and social ramifications of harmonic science. He received his B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.S.C.S. degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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