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Feb 17, 2014

Sun Pisces

The Sun now transits the House of Pisces! The annual thinning of the veil will part the curtains between the realm of spirit and our material world. All deceptions will melt before our eyes whether they are internal or external to us. Angels will dance into our lives to bless us, protect us, and lead us along super-spiritual pathways of promise. The hopeless will become joyous as this ‘Sun of Miracles’ sees that desperate, secretive matters are tended to with the love and power of the Almighty. Wherever we look, God is there, and this most mystical Sun will remind us of this profound truth.

I predict the following to occur while the Sun transits Pisces: family miracles, divine revelation, security transformations, the bestowing of spiritual gifts and abilities, the reordering of spacetime events, psychic and subconscious cleansings, genetic enhancements, fortunate exposures, the understanding of spiritual mysteries, conscious communion with angels, the observance of beautiful mystical phenomenon, the unmasking of villains, life-saving miracles, charitable relief, new spiritual patronage, transcendence of sabotage, and wondrous exploration into magic and alchemy.

Beneath this Sun we are called each year to espouse the virtues of charity, mercy, and universal compassion. We are called to put ourselves last and to self-sacrifice that others may prosper before us. We should all embrace, seek, and create opportunities that allow us to serve in these ways, lending hands up, especially in capacities of rescue, redemption, and where hopelessness reigns. Selfless service is blessed beyond this Sun and we will all be tested, in some form or another, to see how far we will go for our brother or sister’s sake. When these times come be conscious, be joyful, and give your best knowing within yourself that you are actually serving God.

All of the false faces of the world will be shown for what they really are beneath the Pisces Sun. Those who live lies and do evil have much to fear of these weeks ahead. Those who have deluded and imprisoned themselves through sabotage, fantasy, and escapism will have their eyes opened to the errors, risks, and effects of their choices in ways that they cannot ignore or spin. This is the cosmic season to come clean with the secret things we do that in truth harm or limit our lives. Embrace this energy and pray to God that through this Sun all forms of self bondage are broken forever.

Animal rescues and causes will receive divine support as this Sun will oppose the House of Virgo bringing blessing and relief to the abused, neglected, and tortured animals of our world. Be heroes and heroines to them and watch as angels put strength in your stride. Sadistic individuals who torture and kill innocent life will soon be exposed, implicated, and held to high account in spiritual and mundane ways. Curses are very real and those who are worthy of them will soon be receiving them. Those who have and will champion the defenseless can expect blessing and reward to find them in their near futures.

Orphans belong to Pisces so it is now time that the forgotten children of our world receive the love, care, and protection that they deserve. It is ironic that God hides great power in children who seem so powerless. Blessed are they who pray for, serve, and fight for the orphans of the world who need guardians to raise them into their times and places of power. If your heart has ached for these children and you have felt the impulse to do rescue work or to adopt, let me tell you that the perfect time has come to act. Be an angel to them and God will send a fleet to serve you for the rest of your days.

Karma belongs to Pisces to expect karma to manifest with power, authority, and justice in the days and weeks ahead. This will mean many things to many people but remember that karma’s time has come. And with this know that blessing and cursing often comes hidden from sight or knowing so have faith if you have been wronged that karmic justice will soon be done. Not one thing is ever forgotten to God through all time and experience. Let this settle into your heart that in the future righteousness is always chosen so that karma can bless you heavily according to Law.

For the super-conscious, the seers, the mystics, the alchemists, and the magicians who read this my message to you is simple: your wisdom and power is about to receive God’s mighty touch. Enjoy your new blessings and use them to bring more Light to the world. Open more to the angels as they come strongly with the Pisces Sun. Co-create with them, learn from them, and heed their divine messages. The amethyst is most powerful now. Multiply your wealth and power with it. Focus on the forgotten, the hidden, and the harmful things. The time has come for them to be reckoned.

Mirror mirror on the wall watch as all the devils fall. Their secret poisons brought to light as angels work to make things right. Predictions posted watch them show the wise will live in cosmic flow. Forgotten things will come around and wicked ships will run aground. Desperate souls put down your rope ‘cause here it comes, the Sun of hope.

Give it freely from the heart and know the stars in your own chart. With secrets coded in our sky this Sun will burn all tongues that lie. Pious hearts will make the most just be sure to God you toast. With magic moments coming soon life reboots with each new moon. Space and time is where we play so souls can learn more with each day. When I’m rich I’m sure to tithe, it’s time these words be brought to life.

Wishing you wonders,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

Salvador Russo

Scholar, seeker, traveler, adventurer - all words that do me great justice. The military was my initiation into my 'Sagittarian Story' where my adolescence rapidly evolved and matured from an abundance of 'colorful' life experiences. Towards the twilight of my triumphant military campaign, as my ambitions burned relentlessly in my heart, I accepted a lucrative yet incredibly demanding position in Kuwait. It was in those unforgiving desert wastes, unplugged from the many matrices of control that I grew accustomed to where I began a rebirth that ultimately led me to a new, more enchanting desert locale: Arizona. Nothing could have prepared me for the multi-dimensional awakening that has unfolded here in Arizona of which Astrology has played a tremendous role. My self study into this Sacred Science enlightened me to the mind-numbing synchronistic majesty that is interwoven into the tapestry of life. Empowered with the wisdom of the heavens, I analyzed my own life at the soul level and much to my amazement I realized that from a professional perspective, I was destined to be an Intuitive Astrologer! After deep contemplation and loving, clairvoyantly-blessed encouragement from my soulmate Alexis, I aligned with my destiny and totally embraced my calling. Ever since, my skill and talent has been exploding at a rate that defies even my own admittedly high personal standards and expectations - and therein lies one of the most beautiful aspects of what I do: I reveal to people what their true calling is that they may enjoy their God-given rights of limitless joy, fulfillment, success, and most importantly, spiritual evolution. With my new-found cosmic vantage my desire and intention is to empower people by aligning them with their destiny while helping them understand what their unique role is as we all march towards the 2012 event horizon and into the Age of Aquarius, mankind's Golden Age.If living in sync with Cosmic Order sounds appealing to you I welcome you to read my free Intuitive Astrology status updates at my Starseed Astrology Fan Page on Facebook which will help you do just that. Until development is complete my services and rates are available upon request.In cosmic service,Astrologer Salvador RussoLinkedIn Twitter

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