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Jack Canfield of ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ and ‘The Secret’

Aug 20, 2010

I’m delighted to introduce my very special guest, Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and star of the hit movie The Secret.

Jack just celebrated his 66th birthday yesterday and I had the great pleasure of having lunch with him way back in 1992.

This was the year BEFORE his book ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ came out on the market, and we had met at a CEO Space convention in Los Angeles.

Jack was already fairly well-known, but nobody at that time — probably not even Jack himself — had a clue as to how high he was going to fly!

I remember being impressed with how friendly and unpretentious Jack was to be around. I had flown a long way from my home in Anchorage, Alaska and was taking quite a risk financially and otherwise just to be there, so his comforting nature was especially appreciated.

Jack was in the process of funding his new venture, and I was a top producer in the insurance world preparing for something bigger and better that I knew was coming my way.

Back in those days I knew nothing about Numerology but had always been interested in the metaphysical realm. When I did finally take my first steps in this new direction years later, I attempted to obtain Jack’s birth data so I could study his chart, but my efforts proved fruitless. All I could get was the month and date of his birth — the rest remained a mystery. However, my ‘luck’ started to change after watching The Secret.

I founded Soulmate Connections, a virtual singles community based on matching people up with the help of Numerology, and now had a whole new reason to connect with Jack. I had decided to feature the Numerology reports of the stars in The Secret on my forum.

One idea led to another, and finally Jack’s assistant gave me all the information I needed. I later sent Jack’s report to her, requesting his permission to post it online, and also attached a new color-coded version I had created of the transcript of his appearance on Larry King Live.

Weeks went by with no reply and I had completely surrendered any attachment to the results. Then, as if by magic — almost two months after last corresponding with Jack’s office — a very special email appeared in my inbox.

Jack not only gave me permission to post his report, but also asked me to send him a Numerology report on his wife. In addition, he asked me to send the link to my forum when his report went live so he could post it on his website.

Now that’s my definition of a great day! And one I will long remember.

So enjoy reading the inside scoop on this amazing man!

[And Jack, I want to thank you again for being such a bright light in this world and for your willingness to share this rather intimate side of yourself with my friends. Your analogy in The Secret about driving through the dark, able to see only 200 feet ahead of ourselves (and still ‘making it to NY’), has helped me get through many a dark moment. You are so very loved and appreciated!]

Nancy Laine

Nancy Laine is an expert Numerologist who became interested in the ancient science of Numerology during her previous sales career in the Financial Services industry. After learning of a business manager in LA who was successfully using it to promote his celebrity clients, she decided to test it for herself. She sought personal training in the Pythagorean method from one of the world's top Numerologists, and soon rose to the top 2% of her company's sales team nationwide. Nancy later retired from the financial industry, committing to become a professional Numerologist -- at which point her teacher and mentor retired from his 30-year career and began referring his clients to her! Nancy's clientele now includes CEOs of major corporations, movie stars, artists, authors, producers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and professionals from all walks of life. Ironically, some of her favorite clients have been parents of gifted children who sought her guidance in becoming great mentors to their kids. 'Numerology is a shortcut to discovering our ‘Sacred Contract' in this life', she explained. 'It's so much fun to watch kids' eyes light up when I tell them about their special gifts. The more ‘gifted' they are, in fact, the more they seem to love Numerology. Just like adults! I've noticed the ones at the top are usually the most interested. They've always thought ‘out of the box' - that's what got them up there in the first place.' Widely known as 'The Matchmaker', Nancy also has a deep passion for connecting people with their soulmates for the Greater Good, both personally and professionally.

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