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I have one job for you today… be YOU!

Aug 16, 2015

I wanted to share some new insight on my approach as I have been writing my book “Optical Universe”.

Lately, I have been getting a consistent reminder from Spirit, my wonderful insightful wife, and others, about how I feel we should approach “our work”. Whether “your work” is art or writing or whatever we have a desire to share.

For a long time I was fueled by this enormous desire to save the world. To help everyone change for the better, fix a scientific mis-understanding, or give hope to the masses.

How interesting it is that I now am able to let go of that responsibility and take the weight off my shoulders. It really isn’t my job to save the world or help anyone per se. It is my job to express myself and who I am… to share myself and see where that fits. Be where it may. Why should it be my job or your job to carry that immense load? Why should I go at this alone?

What I am finding, is that we should use inspiration to help plant seeds, and if it helps great! If not, we have to disconnect from expectations and what happens with our energy that we have shared with the world. We can’t worry about who buys the book or who reads our work or who wants our art. It will find its place either way. Isn’t that more exciting? Isn’t that easier?

True inspiration comes from our heart and soul. It comes from our true divine self. So it will make a difference! It has to! It will feel familiar because we are one. Everyone cannot help but feel that connection or recognize themselves in it.

So by approaching art with expectations or worrying about the outcome, we are engaging ego. When we engage with our ego, then we are not allowing all of us to be expressed. It will be pinched off or squeezed. Not letting our true passion or expression to emerge. It should want to pour out. As a friend once said, it should get to the point that I can no longer hold it in before I explode. That there is this force behind it and nothing can stop it. That force being desire.

This can be tough at first as we are being very vulnerable and very raw. To not care what others think or how they feel about us, showing that glimpse of inner being, can be tough.

But we have to push past all of that so that we may share ourselves with the world. Maybe that is why some art, or music, or any type of expression, can connect with some and not others. Because we are connecting on a deeper level than just sound, or paint, or words. We are connecting with their emotion, their inspiration, and with ourselves. That invisible subtle vibration expressed in color, sound, and all other things.

True inspiration or idea is eternal. It is a piece of source. It is a piece of who we truly are and that is Love. Sharing love in some way or another through our personal expression can be the most amazing experience for us AND others.

All this can do is uplift us as humans. To inspire, empower, and encourage this sharing in each and every one of us is important.

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness, but also recognize that we are all the same. We ARE all one.

I would just like to end in a thank you. To all of you who have inspired me, or planted that seed. To those who have helped me with lessons, experience, or having the courage to be who you are.

I thank you for anything and everything that has helped me become who I AM, and who I am always becoming.

Come play with me… in this dance of creation… in this cosmic cinema of lights. Enjoy this experience without fear. Don’t be afraid to show us a glimpse of your genius. Fight the worry about how it will be received or the end result. Throw caution to the wind and express your divineness.

Because after it is all said and done, if we have expressed who we truly are, we would have made a positive mark on the world in some way or another anyways.

My love to all of you friends and I hope that you keep creating!


Chris Plouffe

Chris Plouffe is a researcher of energy. He began his quest in 2007, becoming interested in metaphysics, although he was drawn to it from an early age. It wasn't until 2010 that he really began researching in the scientific field, combining Spirit and Science with the study of energy vortices, nature based science, and other ways of defining the reality of our world. His goal is to mix his analytical thinking side with the intuitive knowing side to help bring forth this message of Oneness and Love explained through Science and Spirituality. His main areas of focus are based on the philosophy and teachings of Walter and Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and other Nature based teachers. He is a Licensed Energy Investigator through 'Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine', Registered Medium, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master-Teacher.

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