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How I Discovered Numerology

Jul 11, 2009

NumerologyI first heard of Numerology several years ago when I read about a celebrity manager in LA who was using it in his business plans.

This guy was managing people like Sylvester Stallone. And from what I could tell, it seemed to be working pretty well!

I was fascinated to say the least, and I made a mental note to look into it. But if anyone had told me that someday I’d be a professional Numerologist, I would have laughed. I was in the insurance business!

Numerology and The Movie Business

Fast forward to September 1996. I’d moved to LA from my home in Alaska ten months earlier with the dream of using my background in journalism and TV production to carve myself a niche in the documentary business.

(Unfortunately, I was in a ‘9 Personal Year’ when I made my big move….NOT the best timing for starting something totally new! Numerology Lesson One.)

My mission had failed miserably. I’d run out of money. And interestingly enough, I’d hardly even caught a glimpse of the movie stars and celebrities living all around me! Out of sheer desperation I was heading back to Alaska.

Synchronicity in Malibu

Two days before leaving California I took one last trip to my favorite weekend getaway — Malibu — with my then-boyfriend Greg who I would soon be leaving behind, along with my dreams!

For months I’d been interested in finding a Numerologist, and now I wanted to know about ‘US’. But where to find one?

While in Malibu, we happened to drive past a small metaphysical bookstore in an obscure shopping plaza. Greg quite ironically had been there before, and wondering if they might offer Numerology readings, I decided to drop in.

Standing in the doorway was Pierce Brosnan himself. He was calling to his female companion in that great English accent of his. A very sensual, completely unmistakable ‘James Bond’ voice.

I said a quick hello and slinked past him more than a bit awkwardly into the store. (‘Can you believe it?!?’, I thought. ‘The day before I have to leave all this, I run into Pierce Brosnan in a bookstore!!’)

And unfortunately, there were no Numerologists available that day. So I shelved the idea and headed for Alaska the next morning.

More ‘Coincidences’ in Mt. Shasta

On my drive back to the Frozen North, I decided to overnight in Mt. Shasta. I’d heard about it’s metaphysical reputation for a long time, and I figured if there was any place I could find a Numerologist, this had to be it.

I checked into a hotel and immediately looked in the yellow pages for a metaphysical bookstore. It was already past 6PM, but sure enough, they answered. And they gave me the number of a Numerologist — a math professor at the local college. (What??)

She too answered the phone immediately. I explained that I was leaving town the next day to catch a ferry in Vancouver, but would she by any chance… available?

Without hesitating she said yes, and I booked a half-hour appointment. (Just in case I wasn’t impressed.)

A Most Unlikely Numerologist

The next morning, I arrived at Deborah’s home, a small log cabin surrounded by big trees. She met me at the door dressed in jeans and a wool shirt. A very calm, down-to-earth, unpretentious woman.

(What was I expecting? A fortune-teller gypsy kind of lady? Maybe. I had no idea what a Numerologist would look like.)

We sat at her dining room table overlooking these big gorgeous trees and I listened in amazement to her detailed, accurate description of my personality, tendencies, and talents. At the half-hour point, I asked her to go on. By that time I was completely unconcerned about the extra cost.

She was blowing my mind.

My First Relationship Compatibility Reading

Giving her my then-boyfriend’s birthname and birthdate, I continued to listen as she proceeded to describe his personal traits, revealing some intimate details of our relationship she couldn’t possibly have known.

She went on to tell me about his underlying needs, our relationship’s strengths and weaknesses, and some important ‘timing’ issues such as the importance of knowing my ‘Personal Year’.

(A tad bit too late, but better than never I suppose!!)

Thank God I got the whole session on tape. It was waaay too much to remember, and since then I’ve listened to it many times. Most of what she told me I already knew to be true — and the rest has proven to be 100% accurate over time!

Little did I know that years later I was going to become a professional Numerologist. (But ironically, now that I think of it, Deborah was a 5 Life Path like me!)

The Christmas Gift That Changed My Life Forever

Many months later, Greg quit his job in California, rented out his condo, gave away or sold everything he owned, and flew to Alaska to join me.

Then — on our first Christmas together — he gave me a gift he’d found in a flight magazine on his trip to Alaska. A Numerology course by a famous Dutch Numerologist named Hans Decoz.

And on that very same day, tragedy struck in our lives.

Missing in San Francisco

Greg got a call that his oldest son Bryan, 21, was missing. He was in the Coast Guard in San Francisco and hadn’t reported for duty. So on Christmas Day, Greg got on a plane to go look for his son.

A week later he returned — no sign of Bryan. So at that point, I called Hans Decoz, the author of my Numerology course, and left a message asking for help. Greg had said, ‘Don’t get your feelings hurt if he doesn’t call you back!’

Well Hans did return my call, and even though it was in the middle of the holidays, offered to do a phone consultation with us in just three days.

A Body Is Found

On the morning of our scheduled appointment with Hans, we got another heart-wrenching call from San Francisco. A body had been found and they suspected it was Bryan’s! I called Hans — Greg was understandably too upset to join us, so I taped the call.

For an hour I listened as Hans described Bryan’s traits and tendencies. He said Bryan had been in a tumultuous pattern of numbers for the past three years, was potentially very depressed, and generally had a habit of keeping things to himself.

He also revealed something very personal about Bryan that I kept insisting wasn’t true — until Greg later confirmed it was! Greg just hadn’t told ME! We were both absolutely astounded by the accuracy of the reading, and from that day on became major believers in Numerology.

A Heart-Wrenching Beginning

The next day, the body was sadly identified as Bryan’s and the Coast Guard’s investigation later determined it to be a suicide. No note has ever been found.

Through that long, dark, grief-stricken winter, I became totally obsessed with Numerology, studying it for 14 hours a day and doing charts on all my family and friends.

The patterns I saw helped me understand the people in my life. It sure explained a few things to say the least, and I was so excited about Numerology that I shared it with everybody who’d listen.

It was like being in a detective movie and learning how to decipher a hidden code — my alter ego ‘Nancy Drew’ came alive, and the more charts I studied the easier I could ‘feel them’! (Years later I learned that late night TV’s Jon Edwards used Numerology to develop his intuition!)

I went on to use it in my insurance sales career, analyzing people’s names and birthdates before we met. I knew their deepest desires before I reached their door.

This of course felt pretty good and I set quite a few records. In fact, I rose to the top 2% of my company.

The Law of Attraction in Action

I moved to sunny Florida in 1999 after spending 22 winters in Alaska.

Can you believe this is where I often go for WALKS?? Seriously, this is the north beach of Calidesi Island and I live just a few minutes away!

But I have to tell you, once an Alaskan, always an Alaskan! It will always be deep in my heart. My sister still lives there today.

(I mean, how can you beat THIS for beauty??)

Another ‘Darkest Hour Before Dawn’ Scenario

That next year I got some more sad news. My ex-husband, Dave, who I’d always loved dearly, had died of a heart attack at the age of 48. His sudden death had a profound effect on me and I made a solemn vow to spend the rest of my life doing only what I truly loved.

I committed to becoming a full-time professional Numerologist — and almost immediately after declaring my intention, the Law of Attraction kicked in high gear!

Hans Decoz, the famous Numerologist who had become my teacher and mentor, decided to retire from doing personal consultations and began sending his clients to ME.

I will always be grateful for his encouragement and support.

Fast Forward to ‘Today’

I continue to use Numerology in both my personal life and business, learning as I go. I love using it to help people connect with their soulmates, and then STAY in love forever. And I really love using it to help parents become great mentors to their kids!

What’s a soulmate? I believe it’s the perfect person to help you fulfill your life’s mission. A catalyst, a muse and a co-creator who possesses many of the puzzle pieces you need to see the whole picture…

…and when you come together as a team, a powerful partnership is created that’s greater than the sum of its parts. A magical combination of talents, resources and passion that can literally change the WORLD.

Like Bill and Melinda Gates….

….and Pam & Pierre Omidyar

MAGICAL Partnerships

My greatest passion is philanthropy and spreading love in the world by promoting the growth of powerful new ALLIANCES through social networking and Numerology.

There’s something so magical about doing our dreams together.

Here’s wishing YOU the love of your life!

Nancy Laine

Nancy Laine is an expert Numerologist who became interested in the ancient science of Numerology during her previous sales career in the Financial Services industry. After learning of a business manager in LA who was successfully using it to promote his celebrity clients, she decided to test it for herself. She sought personal training in the Pythagorean method from one of the world's top Numerologists, and soon rose to the top 2% of her company's sales team nationwide. Nancy later retired from the financial industry, committing to become a professional Numerologist -- at which point her teacher and mentor retired from his 30-year career and began referring his clients to her! Nancy's clientele now includes CEOs of major corporations, movie stars, artists, authors, producers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and professionals from all walks of life. Ironically, some of her favorite clients have been parents of gifted children who sought her guidance in becoming great mentors to their kids. 'Numerology is a shortcut to discovering our ‘Sacred Contract' in this life', she explained. 'It's so much fun to watch kids' eyes light up when I tell them about their special gifts. The more ‘gifted' they are, in fact, the more they seem to love Numerology. Just like adults! I've noticed the ones at the top are usually the most interested. They've always thought ‘out of the box' - that's what got them up there in the first place.' Widely known as 'The Matchmaker', Nancy also has a deep passion for connecting people with their soulmates for the Greater Good, both personally and professionally.

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