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Healing at August 14 New Moon

Aug 14, 2015

Feeling more sensitive or on edge regarding a relationship? Use Friday’s new moon energies to help you uncover new approaches to healing what’s out of balance. This particular new moon cycle indeed is likely to shine a spotlight on relationship issues. Welcome this nudge from the universe, using it for healing and resolving things you sense need addressing.

Drama, Passions, New Beginnings

In these moments, you may notice more drama surfacing between people, perhaps accompanied by revelations long under cover yet now needing to be aired. Authentic relationships need regular reassessment and updating, people appropriately sharing what needs to be said. The optimal words at the right time, said to someone available and willing to hear them can go a long way this week as you approach key relationships.

New moons, by their very nature, are an excellent time to break new ground in relationships – whether it’s someone you recently met or a longtime friend. No two people remain static, each shifting in small and sometimes huge ways over the weeks and months.

Times of Quantum Shifting

These are times of quantum shifting, catalyzing big changes in view and accelerated spiritual growth. Staying current with others, therefore, is directly connected to being up to date with you. Regular meditation, spiritual practice, and healing work can help you be present to your own shifting. As you become more aware of your own changes, you can be more authentic and impactful as you interact with others.

Regular inner work helps you see yourself more clearly, acknowledging your progress and your courage for moving through challenges. The result: you develop more self-love and self-compassion – essential qualities as you relate to others.

Beginnings and Endings
Sometimes a new moon like Friday’s stimulates a replay of very old energies or the resurfacing of an old flame. If a romantic partner from your past appears – physically or simply in your own mind – consider the possibility that it’s because you are holding on to the fantasy and need to let it go. To move forward with your love life in this cycle if you are unattached, it’s vital to complete any unfinished business with past partners.

DNA and Relationships

Eliminating a longing for a past partner is often more difficult than it appears on the surface. You cannot simply will your mind to stop thinking about someone when deeper issues are at play. The subconscious mind is a powerful orchestrator of relationships, with DNA-level patterns out of ordinary view. Many times these patterns involve your lineage, past lives, or even oaths made before you entered this life. The key here is that if you really do want to move on and find another partner, but it seems impossible to do so, it’s helpful to explore these deeper levels. This new moon is a perfect time to do that exploration!

Tips for This New Moon

Here are three tips for this new moon cycle – extending from now through the weekend.

First, set your intention to be in self-discovery mode and open to new ways of approaching situations.

Second, consider what stirs your passion to be alive. Take action on these passions.

Third, give your Higher Self permission to steer you away from time wasters and into productive ways to express your love and light.

You are eternal, yet you have only one lifetime in this body during these pivotal moments on Earth. Make the most of each moment, each interaction, and what you can learn from each challenge. Always remember that you are divine, precious, and worthy of traveling the path of a divine changemaker.

© Selacia

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