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Bill Gates & Paul Allen — Secrets of Legendary Business Partners

Jun 28, 2010

Bill Gates and Paul Allen have a lot more in common than Microsoft according to this character trait analysis based on Numerology.

If you like the Discovery Channel and A&E, you will be delighted to learn what Numerology, an ancient science based on mathematics, reveals about the ‘story BEHIND the story’.

Using Numerology to analyze the birth dates of these two childhood friends and now world-famous philanthropists, we find that Bill Gates and Paul Allen ironically share the same Life Path number of 4. And oh, by the way, Oprah is also a 4.

Why is this important? The Life Path number comes from our birth dates and is the single most important number in our Numerology charts because it shines a light on the path that leads to discovering our life purpose and experiencing true fulfillment. And despite their differences, Bill and Paul were born to walk the same path.


As evidenced by Bill and Paul’s common Life Path number of 4, from the start they had inborn tendencies to be practical and down-to-earth individuals with strong ideas about right and wrong. Orderly and organized, systematic and controlled, they are decisive and methodical, employing a step-by-step rational approach to problem solving.

Once committed, neither of them gives up easily to say the least!

And naturally disinterested in ‘get rich quick’ schemes, they have a higher level of trust in hard work and long hours to establish a solid business foundation. Precise, tenacious and persevering, Bill and Paul were both born with great potential for success, but only the kind of success that comes after putting out massive effort and overcoming the limitations so often encountered on the 4 Life Path.

Also, justice and honesty are sacred to both, so they share a tendency to be naturally reliable and dependable — virtual cornerstones in their communities.

They are not idealists, but they are both willing to work for a better world in a realistic way. Although sometimes a bit rigid in their ideas and too quick in judging others, they are loyal to those they love and tend to work well with others.

While being part of a team, however, it is important for them both to have their own responsibilities and well-defined tasks since they perform better when their responsibilities do not overlap with those of others.

Both Bill and Paul possess rare discipline and perseverance and not everyone can
keep up with them, so they need to exercise caution to avoid being bossy and rude.

As travel companions on the 4 Life Path, they have a natural ability to handle money carefully and like the security of nest egg, so it’s no coincidence that their mutual love of work led them into a career early in life.

Due to their shared methodical nature, they can both easily become rigid and stuck in convention. They can also be overly cautious when changes are necessary and this can cause them to miss opportunities that present themselves.

Most 4 Life Paths could use a tad bit more flexibility, but they do tend to be well-suited for marriage and often become responsible, loving parents. However, anything that violates their profound sense of order, such as separation or divorce, can be a shattering experience for them and they can easily become obsessed or even vengeful, seeking their own definition of justice.

In the end, both Bill Gates and Paul Allen are courageous and true survivors. They are
on the life path of ‘the builder’. They naturally tend to be the foundation of any enterprise, and their hard work and practical, traditional values pay off to provide them with the rewards they seek and deserve.


There are also some very real challenges in a business relationship where both partners share a four in this part of their charts.

The bottom line is this particular combination often produces a relationship that is either excellent or extremely stressful. There is not much middle ground.

The lifestyle requirements of two partners on a 4 Life Path are usually very similar and they both like a certain amount of predictability and routine in their lives. They don’t mind being surprised once in a while, but they do like their daily routines to be firmly established, and preferably not interrupted.

The success of such a relationship lies largely in how compatible their daily routines are. The details are important because both of them tend to get quickly irritated when their carefully established daily routines are disturbed. It is important that they respect each other’s needs and habits.

Even aside from their natural compatibility, partners who share the 4 Life Path need to arrange for themselves a very secure, well-organized and predictable lifestyle. They both need a solid foundation to be able to face their daily challenges and opportunities.

Unless their daily routines are compatible, it would be impossible for them to sustain this relationship without making some adjustments. They should not attempt to sacrifice part or all of their needs and desires to accommodate each other.

Instead, they need to arrange a more separate routine, and there is nothing wrong with two partners living a part of their daily life without much interaction. It is better than trying to adjust to each other, thereby creating small irritations and minor annoyances that over time turn into growing sources of anger.

Bill and Paul are both reliable, dependable people. They honor their promises. This is
a powerful ally in their relationship, since it is important for Paul to be able to rely on Bill, and vice versa. However, if taken too far, their grounded, practical natures can also create a somewhat rigid lifestyle that will most likely lead to frustration and gradual alienation from friends and family members.


Lacking tolerance and open-minded acceptance of other people’s lifestyles can put a stranglehold on both Bill and Paul’s social lives, and indirectly, a strain on their own relationship.

Therefore, while other core numbers in their Numerology charts are important to consider as well, the keywords to maintaining a successful relationship between two business partners sharing a 4 Life Path are tolerance and flexibility.

(P.S. Thank you to Hans Decoz for his invaluable contribution to this discussion.)

Melissa Field

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