Shadow People

Shadow People

Accounts of Shadow People or Shadow Beings have been reported by millions of individuals all over the world with evidence of these beings appearing before human witnesses throughout history. An increase of reported sightings over the last decade have brought these mysterious occurrences to mainstream consciousness.

So, what are shadow people?

Both children and adults observe these beings as fast, dark movements in their peripheral vision, some have seen them from a distance, while others have had face-to-face encounters.

Most often they are seen as dark, human-shaped silhouettes, usually male, but generally lacking any other characteristics of gender. Shadow beings are said to move extremely fast and travel through solid matter. They typically have no discernible features such as mouths, noses, or eyes and their forms are usually described as somewhat thin or smoke-like. While some people distinctly see a shadowy human form, others have described shapeless wispy black blobs and swirling columns of dark smoke. Some are seen only from the waist up. Others clearly have legs that are seen fleeing from their observers.

In many cases witnesses describe the sense of being watched, and discovering the shadow person observing them. Once noticed, the shadow person seems to flee quite rapidly, sometimes traveling through walls or closed doors and bushes. Sometimes they simply fade into the dark recesses of the night.

It is believed that these shadow people are some sort of other-dimensional beings whose dimension of origin occasionally overlaps with ours, which is said to explain their ethereal appearance and fleeting nature.

Reports of shadow people are in many respects different from accounts of ghosts. Ghosts are said to be the disembodied spirits of deceased people and are usually said to take on the appearance and characteristics of human beings. Orbs of light, ectoplasm and glowing mists have also been associated with ghost sightings. None of which is common he occurrence of shadow people. Although many accounts describe shadow beings as having human-like form, they are generally not described as resembling actual individuals, living or deceased. It has not believed that shadow people ever communicate verbally with witnesses.

Could we be catching a glimpse of our multi-dimensional neighbors as the fabric of our realities meld? Who knows, maybe they're seeing us as indescribable 'shadow beings' too!

Please share with us some your experiences by adding a comment below or contacting us directly.

Shadow People

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by: cameron
I'm 14 years old and I've also experienced shadow people numerous times in the past four years. My most recent encounter was when I was in my room, playing guitar with my lights dimmed and I had a feeling to look out my window. There in my neighbors driveway across the street stood a dim figure watching me. It stayed for a brief second and stared at me then proceeded to run once I had noticed it. The figure ran and completely vanished through the wall of my neighbor's house. I was in complete shock and didn't know what to make of this sighting.
by: Julie B.
I was about 8 or 9 (I'm now 32) when I began to feel that I wasn't alone, ever. I always had the feeling of being watched, looked after, guarded and guided. I would see orbs of light travel around my bedroom and shadow people sneaking away from me (shadow people really kind of freaked me out then). When I asked my mother about what I was experiencing my mother, being a devout and skeptical (out of fear) Catholic said I was always dreaming. As I grew up, I slowly banished those thoughts and feelings, putting up walls like Fort Knox to hide from what ever "it" was trying to talk to me. Now I realize that I was being given a gift of communication. I see shadow people ALL the time as well as listen very intently to the messages that are being given me. The more I free myself from fear and allow myself to connect with spirit, the more of these kinds of experiences I have and I wouldn't want it any other way. It's to exciting and mysterious to shy away from all the wonderful possibilities.
by: Diane G
I have also experienced these dark shadows from my peripheral vision. I first noticed one right after my father passed away...I would sense the shadow frequently and it would rush up on me at times. Like someone sneaking up on you real fast. I assumed it was my dad, so I told him that i didn't like when he scared me by rushing up on me. After that, sadly, I didn't experience it again until my mother-in-law passed away. Then the shadows would be there in my peripheral again. Dashing away whenever I would look in that direction. After a short time, it was gone for me, I believe the shadows were my loved ones checking in on me.
by: Regina
I am glad that you have an article talking about this subject matter. So, I am not the only one...good to know! :-)

I've been seeing these dark shadow people/forms for about two years now. I most often see them out of my peripheral vision, but sometimes I see them straight out. I see them both in day and night. Some days I see a whole bunch of them all through out the day. I've never heard them talk. They just feel like they are all around me or just by me, sometimes watching me. I kinda think it's cool. I don't have any problems with it. I just think, 'Oh, there out today.'
by: T.G.
by: sandra
I have always seen shadow people, but the last couple weeks I can't get away from them!! Glad to know I am not alone.
by: patrick weston
When I was younger had really really intense connections with some form of shadow thing in human form and it was very blurry. I was in bed it just stood there watching me and I could feel its really odd emotions as it felt mine. I never knew what was happening at all and was really scared and hid under my bed but it still stood there and I couldn't stop crying. It would eventually go strangely after I tried to get my focus of it I assume. This happened 3 times and the odd thing I was in 2 different houses when it happened which means houses couldn't of been haunted. The 1st time it happened I screamed so hard for some reason my mom never heard me and my grandparents. I could of sworn they should of woken up it was really loud. Any other questions just ask I will never forget the scenes ever.

by: Willow
Last week I was driving home on a rainy afternoon and saw what looked like a man/human figure dash across the road but faded away - he looked like he was made of smoke or colour... and there was something small at his feet like a little dog, well a blob of cloud but moved like a dog following the figure. I am a professional psychic medium and have never seen an entity take this form, it was amazing, yet fleeting. I see shadows move in the corner of my eye and am used to that - and am so pleased to see that there others out there experience this too and are getting together to discuss.
by: Turtle Martin
I've saw these 'shadow' people all my life. I imagine them to be a loved one that has passed on, but not crossed over. What ever they are, they don't mine letting you know they are watching you, or over you. As long as they respect my space I will respect theirs. :)
by: steven
i was sitting at my computer desk shortly after i finished my work(6pm)i thought i could see something out of the side of my eye ,this happened 2 or 3 times then my lighter started moving rapidly from side to side all on its own really rapid but since then nothing more ?
by: sammy
I have no idea what this was i never had a ghost or paranormal experience before.But about 5 years ago i was n bed trying to fall asleep when all the sudden i seen this light travel from my sons room, down the hall then into me and my wife's bedroom and disappear into our bedroom wall.At first i thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me cause i was sleepy but then it happened again about 5 or 6 times in a row in the same way from my sons room to mine into the wall.Then would hear like a growling noise from time to time but shrugged it off as the wind cause we lived in a trailer. I'm a strong believer in i don't believe it till i see it.But that few days of weirdness was unexplainable. I don't know if there are such thing as ghosts or not but i just don't know what those lights were and that growling like a dog sound was and we don't have a dog. Well maybe someone can help try to explain it to me thanks.
by: donovan
I have experienced the shadow figures a lot now that I am now in Germany and I have been ever since I was a little kid and now its getting worse that the shadow figures are walking across my room as I watch a movie when I have my laptop on my stomach and when I go to the restroom and all I have to do is cope with it and think it is a normal thing that's all I can do for now and right now I'm seeing my therapist about it and I tell him what I see on a everyday basis.. Tell me what should I do?????????
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