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The Native American zodiac signs are wholly unique, and you'll not find these totemic birth animals anywhere else but here.

When Token Rock invited me to offer Native American insights into astrological birth signs, I was invigorated by the idea. And although I've worked with my Native Compatriots for similar birth signs, I knew this would be an opportunity to provide a fresh perspective in this endless realm of wisdom.

Over the course of three days, I worked within a circle of energetic Algonquin liaisons who offered specific suggestions for animals within the range of birth dates. I laid out the traditional birth dates found in classic astrology as a foundation to work within, and the Elders filled in the rest (animals and personality traits inherent to each).

Animal Energies

The animal energies selected for each birth sign, I'm told, are native inhabitants of the Rocky Mountains and thus they inhabit regions of Canadian British Colombia, down through the western regions of North America.

It is the Algonquin stance that your birth date is the first drum beat of a fantastic ceremonial dance of life. Furthermore, you make your way through life in-step with your animal counterpart. The two of you dance a pattern that weaves your life experience. And although you will have more than just one animal alliance, these birth animals are always available to share wisdom and help you with your evolutional growth in this lifetime.
~ Avia Venefica.

Without further ado, here are the Native American zodiac signs made possible via Algonquin wisdom:

Hawk Moose Owl Sturgeon
lion Deer Eagle beaver
fox bear wolf Whale
Content courtesy of Avia Venefica.
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