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Share Stories. Inspire Others
Share Meaningful Stories
truJournal is one of the most powerful social network services available today. The tools we have created allow members to write about moments of life utilizing writing as therapy, flag key moments into a virtual timeline for easy reflection, and share stories with other members to inspire them along their paths of life.

Our goal is to provide a profound connection to not only your Self, but to make meaningful and personal connections with others through the activity of sharing life experiences. truJournal, Token Rock’s Social Network.
Journal truJournal user home page offers quick view widgets for reviewing personal journal entries, friends stories, friends networks, upcoming participatory events, and subscriptions such as RSS blogs, and other services.
Sharing Stories
truJournal also allows you to associate a photo gallery, map a location, add a memento item such as a Token Rock, ticket stub, ring, or what have you, with your journal story! Then, when you have finished creating your story, you can keep it private, share it with friends, or with the whole network to inspire others along their path of life!
Journal Sometimes there is a small memento we associate with a special moment in life. A rock we picked up off the ground, a ring, a ticket stub, or what have you. Once you have written your journal you can upload a photo of your memento. Or, you can select from our virtual collection of Token Rocks!
Journal Once you have written a journal story you can then associate it with someone you wish to recognize for their involvement in the experience by sending them a Gift Rock. By doing so, you will post a gift rock message in their journal that links back to your own associated journal entry about the experience!
No Account, No Problem.
If the friend you wish to recognize doesn’t have a truJournal account, one will automatically be created for them and they will be notified by email of your gift to view.  
truJournal began as a theraputic personal journaling tool designed to allow individuals the ability to make a stronger connection to themselves through the process of writing about key moments of life, association of those moments to mementos collected along the way we call “Token Rocks”, and flagging certain moments as “Key Stone Moments” that are added to a virtual timeline.

As we expanded the application, we added a feature allowing users to recognize individuals who shared the special moments they wrote about by gifting to them a memento we called a “Gift Rock”. This action linked journaled moments together in both user’s accounts. If the user didn’t have an account the system was designed to create one for them.

Adding this feature quickly turned the journal applicaiton into a social network. Since that time, we have installed features allowing users to add friends to their personal network and allow them the ability to read journal entries they have written if they choose to share them. In fact, the system allows users to share stories about life with the entire network if they so choose. It is simply a selection of private, friends only, or public that allows for who can view what was written. This activity allows non-friends to search by keyword to find stories others have shared that might provide them insight to overcome a life challenge or simply offer real inspiration.

In this way, we have created what we believe to be a powerful tool for helping oneanother along our personal paths of life in a unified system of friends helping friends. The long range benefits are both individual and universal.

Our motto began as a very powerful message and still is today, “Inspire and be Inspired”.
Why Token Rocks?
Throughout time, people have drawn on natural elements of the earth for inspiration and reflection. Something as simple as a rock found in a special place or a memento given as a gesture of appreciation can be a powerful reminder of cornerstone moments in life. These rocks act as reminders of valuable life-changing experiences that formed turning points along one's life path. They can also simply remind us of fun moments, past travels, and friendly interactions in daily life.
My Friends
Making friends on the truJournal network is easy! Browse the network, search by name, or browse other friends lists and request friends. You can also send non-members Gift Rocks and associate them with one of your own Journal stories and the software will invite them to view the account that is automatically created.
Like what someone has written? Let them know by acknowledging their story.
My Events
Join us for one of our online webinars (coming soon) or participate in a Token Rock workshop, retreat, exclusive vacation, or adventure travel engagement! Your registered events will post in the “My Events” calendar. Mark your events as public or private. If marked as public others can see what events you are participating in. Review events and see who else is registered!
Watch for new amazing features to come that will greatly expand the truJournal application providing you a wide range of additional features! We are working hard to build our network application into an amazing tool for making powerful connections to yourself and others!
Connect with Higher Self