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The Grid

The octahedron, tetrahedron, icosahedrons and the dodecahedron complete the global grid. This information was put together by husband and wife team Becker and Hagens. William Becker is a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Bethe Hagens is a Professor of Anthropology at Governors State University. This husband and wife team shows how these shapes worked into the ultimate Earth Grid which they call the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron or the UVG120 ‘Earth Star’.

Becker and Hagen ascribe this discovery to the work of Ivan P. Sanderson, who was the first to make a case for the structure of the icosahedrons at work in Earth. Sanderson located what he refers to as the ‘vile vortices’. These vortices are areas of the Earth where mysterious disappearances, mechanical failures and time-space distortions were seen to occur. Many explorers disappeared if they crossed over the vortices at the wrong time of year, with the wrong lunar and planetary alignments activating those particular areas.

During the times of Atlantis and possibly even earlier, the entire Earth’s coordinates were mapped out by the construction of the different pyramids, temples and earthworks on the Earth’s surface. These were known as the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. It was these maps that lead Sanderson to work on the Earth Grids.

There is speculation as to how these maps were handed down. It is said that after the last pole shift 12,500 years ago, the main body of Atlantis land sank. With only a few survivors, it is believed that only a few of the maps may have survived as well.

The Sumerian civilization may have been Atlantis’ first attempt to rebuild society to a significant degree, and this was started circa 6,000 BC, or 8,000 years ago. As others have pointed out, the Sumerian civilization sprang up quite instinctively and dramatically. In an amazingly short period of time, they had written language, education, laws, agriculture and running water, as well as other things.

Ancient Astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin’s research shows that a group that had access to incredible technology aided the Sumerians, a group that possessed flying machines, lasers and other exotic equipment and who had an advanced understanding of science and physics which included the knowledge of the full spectrum of planets in the Solar System. We are also told in the ancient Hindu Vedas and the Cayce Readings that Atlantis did possess flying machines. With the ancient Astronaut data available through Sitchin’s work that strongly suggests the existence of the Annunaki (those who from Heaven to Earth came) it is possible that Atlantis survivors were cooperating with these space brothers.

Well after the start of the Sumerian civilization, these maps were kept within the high ranks of priesthood which were then concealed into the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and then finally into the academic halls of Greece. It is said that only the members of the secret brotherhood knew about the existence of these maps.

Francis Bacon, the father of modern Freemasonry, declared the Americas to be the site for the ‘New Atlantis’ and sent seafaring explorers out to rediscover the lands that were hidden on the secret maps.

Charles Hapgood, History of Science Professor at Keene College in New Hampshire, is the man that put the map information together. His basic theory concerns Earth’s crustal displacement where the surface of the Earth actually changes position. He states that the Earth’s surface crust may be displaced at times, moving over the soft inner body, much as the skin of an orange, if it were loose, might shift over the inner part of the orange all in one piece. His theory drew the attention of Albert Einstein who contributed the forward to Hapgood’s 1953 book, ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’.

Einstein believed that in a polar region there is continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. ‘The Earth’s rotation acts on these un-symmetrically deposited masses, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the Earth’s crust over the rest of the Earth’s body…’

This highly interesting phenomenon provides the foundation for understanding why the Ancients would have known the global coordinates as exactly as they did. Sanderson’s work proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that some interesting anomalies were visible in certain areas of the Earth’s oceans, these anomalies being called the ‘vile vortices’.

Sanderson was able to obtain twelve common points of irregular occurrence on the Earth. Amazingly, these twelve points were all equally, harmonically spaced from each other! The effects of these ‘vile vortices’ included disappearances as well as time-warping events.

One example of Sanderson’s vortices is located near Hawaii where a pilot was flying with passengers very near this zone as he lost the use of his instruments and radio communication. He continued to fly blind for approximately 350 miles without the ability to connect with anyone on the radio. Finally, to the pilot’s relief, he was able to make contact with the tower again and was shocked to learn that according to the tower officials, no time had elapsed between his radio contacts. Tower officials said that one minute he was speaking normally and seconds later he was in a panic telling them that he had just flown the last 350 miles without his instruments or radio contact. The pilot and all the passengers passed into a higher frequency where they were not affected by time. The cause of this effect was the hyper-dimensional energy that was harnessed by the ‘vile vortex’ they were flying through.

Russian scientists Nikolai Goncharov, a Muscovite historian, Vyacheslav Morozov, a construction engineer, and Valery Makarov, and electronics specialist teamed up and took Sanderson’s research of the twelve points of the icosahedrons placing them in the same location. The also added 50 more points by superimposing a dodecahedron onto the Grid. Their results produced the following map which was first printed in the popular Soviet Science Journal Khimiyai Zhizn (meaning chemistry and life) reproduced in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid.

Becker and Hagen commented on the work of the three scientists by stating: ‘These new lines and points, in conjunction with Sanderson’s, now matched most of the earth’s seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines as well as outlined worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, paths of migratory animals, gravitational anomalies, and even the sites of ancient cities.’ Becker and Hagen agree that the map produced by the Russian researchers is essentially correct but, believe it is incomplete. Becker and Hagen then completed the grid making it compatible with all the Platonic Solids, by inserting a overlaying a complex, icosahedrally-derived, spherical polyhedron that was developed by R. Buckminster Fuller (Author of ‘Composite of Primary and Secondary Icosahedron Great Circle Sets.’).

Below is the map of the grid where Becker and Hagen cracked the code of the Platonic Solids positions on Earth.

The Planetary Grid System shown [here] was inspired by an original article by Christopher Bird, ‘Planetary Grid,’ published in New Age Journal #5, May 1975, pp. 36-41. The hexakis icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker. These materials are distributed with permission of the authors by Conservative Technology Intl. in cooperation with Governors State University, Division of Intercultural Studies, and University Park, Illinois 60466 312/534-5000 x2455. This map may be reproduced if they are distributed without charge and if acknowledgement is given to Governors State University (address included) and Mr. Bird.

If you look closely, you will see the microscopic formation of nature known as Cell Mitosis. If we will understand the grid we will see that Mother Earth is giving all her secrets away. Grid points 14 and 16 are similar to the two poles of the dividing cells. The gridlines give an easy depiction of the ‘spindle fibers’ that form in cell mitosis. The actual ring of energy that is created forms a precise analog of the nuclear membrane of the cell, as it continues its expanding, elliptical process of division.

There are 8 stages of cell mitosis. Author of ‘Sacred Geometry’, Robert Lawlor states: ‘From one cell to two there is a cycle of change, in eight phases with seven intervals, analogous to the musical octave, or the spectrum of light. Seven symbolizes such a cycle; the lunar month, a perfect example of graduated phases within a continuous process, is dominated by seven and its multiples…The functional pattern of the human nervous system is also sevenfold…’.

That means that we can see a very direct analog of the ‘consciousness unit’ yet again in the cell; a process of division with eight stages in seven intervals. Lawlor explains that the human nervous system shows us this octave structure and we can see the grid counterpart to this, which occurs through hyper-dimensional geometry that is octave-based.

The Edgar Cayce readings and the Ra material tell us that we live in an octave-based, eight-dimensional universe. Superstring theory physics has shown us that with one slight adjustment we have discovered the same thing.

Numerous spiritual works show us that the One originated as Pure White Light, and fragmented down into the octave or spectrum of frequencies or dimensions. We have learned from the Ra materials and other sources that Nature will provide us with physical metaphors to explain the metaphysical. Through these materials and basic intuition, we can see what transcendental significance the human body has built directly into its design. Hence the saying: ‘Man is the measure of all things’.

Cell division is another natural example of sacred, octave-based, mathematical principles showing up in the physical universe. The original cell represents the sphere, or the first note in the octave. There are then seven stages or frequencies that cause cell division to form. In the final stage, the eighth, there are two cells and the division is complete and the original form has emerged, producing a precise copy of its self.

It is like the octave structure in the atom. Each electron that is released puts the atom through different isotopic stages. When the octave threshold is broken, the atom metamorphoses into the next element in the Periodic Table. This is how all consciousness units operate.

We see platonic forms emerging in minerals in the organization of cells developing in a zygote and in the planetary grids themselves. The frequencies are governed by very simple harmonic numbers that show up when we measure the vibrations of sound frequencies in air. Because we see these same frequency numbers emerging in the Great sunspot Cycle, we see a similar division and enhancement occurring in our Solar System. This is another reason why we are so quickly heading into a spontaneous dimensional shift on Earth.

Grids and Metaphysics

Our thought consciousness creates a holographic grid program that repeats in cycles and can be best understood if you study Sacred Geometry. The grids consist of a matrix of sound, light and color through which we virtually experience time and emotion. In physical reality the grids are electromagnetic creating polarity or duality of experience, looking to restore balance.

When one is in the process of awakening and moving through the healing process of healing self by healing others, one creates balance, increases their psychic abilities, and obtains a final understanding of the nature of reality and where it is all going. Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

Grid Gates

Grid energy is the very essence and fabric of the universe. In the following illustration created by Deja Allison (Usui Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Ph.D in Motivational Studies, GBCT Instructor) the grid has no beginning and no end. Looking at the grid vertically you will see it makes a four-sided diamond shape, following creational/sacred geometry showing the interlaced woven matrix of Universal essence. When energy flows unobstructed, the flux remains relativity even, though there is always intonation at all times. You can see examples of how the shape forms other geometry for manifestation. Human DNA is configured by this geometry. In order for the flux to have different levels of intonation there must be catalysis of some kind. Thoughts and action are two different kinds of catalysts. Therefore, there must be movement to effect change.

Different laws affect the consciousness of the grids such as balance, neutrality as well as immutable laws – codes of energy that once put into motion cannot be stopped and must play out until the end of the program. How those laws affect us is determined by our own energy patterns. Our thoughts and actions determine the Law of Attraction by the types of experiences to which we have experienced in this lifetime or another. Immutable laws cannot be stopped, the can be altered by events but not stopped.



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