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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (known simply as Tai Chi) is a form of Chinese martial arts. The oldest documented tradition can be traced back to the Chen family dating as far back as 1820. Tai Chi theory and practice evolved in agreement with many of the principles of Chinese philosophy including Taoism and Confucianism.

Tai Chi is a moving mediation practiced mostly for stress reduction, strength and balance. Tai Chi strengthens the natural connections between the body’s muscular system, breath and circulation. Additional benefits of Tai Chi that have been documented by medical doctors in China and the U.S. are: improved balance; lowering high blood pressure; improved breathing; strengthened internal organs, muscles and joints; improved symptoms of menopause; and better posture and fewer lower back problems. Tai Chi also improves concentration and focus. Other reasons the Chinese practice Tai Chi is for demonstration competitions, health and longevity, and its soft martial techniques.

Chi is the Daoist term meaning inner energy that compels life. Traditional Chinese philosophy is that chi “life energy” is found in all living things and heals the body by guiding chi to all the organs by practicing the slow and repetitive movements.

Many people experience immediate health benefits when practicing Tai Chi, which can be learned in easy dance sequences. Because Tai Chi emphasizes relaxation, balance and internal strength, you do not need to be an athletic person to practice Tai Chi.


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