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Symbolism is a language or form of communication used to convey meaning through the use of symbols – whether that be through imagery, ideas, sound, or metaphor by way of association. As such, all languages are symbolic.

Quite often multiple symbols are encoded within larger images, or within texts – these symbols can then be decoded within context actually telling a story and their place in history. In ancient times knowledge was passed on in this manner. This form of ‘hidden’ language, which when used, uncovers knowledge and truths which have long fallen from the minds of humanity.

Symbolism has been in existence for thousands of years, if not longer. Originally it started out with relatively simple markings. As time passed, and various cultures developed – the use of symbols grew in complexity. So naturally, different symbols came to mean many different things…and quite often certain symbols would have a different association depending upon the culture it was found in. It is interesting to point out that even though many of these cultures were separated by both time and distance, they often came to use similar symbols to represent the same subject.

Once you start to understand symbolism and untangle the many reversal of meanings which have occurred, it is possible to uncover a world history very different from that which is officially recognized. Many of our current myths and religions were based on knowledge and understandings encoded into the form of symbolism. Over the millennia the symbolism was lost to the general populations, and thus the meanings were forgotten. Instead the stories were interpreted in literal manner, just as they still are today. Once we discover the keys to the original symbols of the past, the ancient wisdom can once again be unlocked.


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