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Shape Shifting

Shape shifting is a metamorphosis (change in the physical form or shape) of a person or animal. Shape shifting involves physical changes such as alterations of age, gender, race, or general appearance or changes between human form and that of an animal (half man/half animal), plant, or inanimate object. Some people believe that you can achieve shape shifting through deep meditation. The ability to shape shift can be very useful when you are doing shamanic journeying or astral traveling.

It is said that during certain ritual dances an individual may meld with an animal spirit. Although they outwardly do not become the animal, their body may contort or move in the fashion that the animal is most comfortable. The human’s sense of smell or sight may be meta-heightened; there could be increased dexterity in the limbs, or a feeling of savage power that the animal may represent. Vocalizations that represent the animal may also be heard

Dimensional Shape Shifting

Many people shape shift without consciously realizing the transfigurations taking place. It is more common than you may expect. What occurs is your multidimensional self is revealing its many parallel realities in the NOW. This includes any of our past lives, future lives, alien or animal forms. We are all multidimensional beings. These shifts can be seen by those who are open to the experience, or in-tune with their higher-self. You may see these shifts for yourself by looking in the mirror. It helps if the light is dimly lit.

There are those who are consciously aware of their ability to shape shift, knowing their true nature. They can use their mind to project another physical image for people to see. Everything has a vibrational frequency and once you figure out its frequency, you can use your mind to vibrate or create whatever form you choose. Others may not realize they have appeared briefly as an alien, animal or other form. This can be quite a shock for those on the receiving end. Remember we are all things. Use these experiences as insight into your own self.


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