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Philadelphia Experiment

The controversial Government experiment known as Project Rainbow was an attempt by the Navy to create a ship that could go undetected by magnetic mines and/or radar. The results of the experiment proved to be far more dangerous than the Navy had expected. There are bizarre stories about men being frozen in time for months, men traveling through time, and men being stuck in the bulkheads or the floor of the ship.

In the 1930’s, Nikola Tesla got involved in experimenting with movement through time and space. This project was moved to Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies in 1939. Through this experiment they were able to make small objects invisible. Tesla had come to the same conclusion as Einstein which was that this technology would not be used for the benefit of mankind , as they discovered when the Government wanted to use this technology during wartime.

The testing originally started with testing animals on the USS Eldridge. The animals were placed in metal cages and when the ship materialized after having successfully making it disappear, some of the animals were missing, some had radiation poisoning and others had burn marks. They had never intended to test humans. However, on August 12, 1943 the USS Eldridge underwent the Philadelphia Experiment with a full crew on board.

Although the Government has tried to cover this up by suggesting that the Philadelphia Experiment was confused with an attempt at invisibility to magnetic mines; a process known as degaussing, the ship was gone from the harbor for approximately 4 hours.

When the ship reappeared it had a greenish haze about it. Sailors were running around on fire, going crazy, vomiting, some suffered heart attacks, some died, and others were embedded in the structure of the ship. Others just disappeared, never to be seen again.

The Montauk Experiment links several of the surviving sailors to Montauk, New York with a time loop to 1983. Many have come forward with their stories.


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