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Past Lives

The idea of past lives is a belief held by many ancient cultures, religions, and still widely recognized today. Each culture has its own unique ideas regarding the specifics and purpose of reincarnation.

In past lives we experience many aspects of ourselves playing different roles throughout our continuum, reincarnating in different bodies or beings, including male, female, animal and plant. Some lives are experience on earth while others are experienced in other realms of our multidimensional reality. It is considered to be a time of learning that extends through our spiritual evolution to consciousness, a time for the soul to recognize its own creation.

When we speak of ‘past lives or future lives’, we need to look past our idea of linear time. Our consciousness in this physical reality is conditioned to view our experiences as moving through time – past, present and future. We need to focus in the NOW, where linear time does not exist and the frequency of consciousness goes beyond the physical mind; understanding that everything one’s soul is experiencing is happening simultaneously in the loops of time or geometry of creation.

There are many healing modalities that we can use to access our ‘past or future lives,’ bringing about awareness, healing, balance, restoring our innate abilities and powers, and remembering the truth behind the human experience. Through these multidimensional lives we’re experiencing simultaneously, we have the ability to access all the information contained within our bodies that can lead to healing and self awareness.

There are many modalities available to access this stored information. Past life regression is one method used by psychotherapists to help people heal themselves by accessing stored memories through hypnosis. Another method is by accessing data from our bodies or cellular memory banks. Our bodies store every thought, feeling and experience we’ve ever had. Certain stored memories may be causing blocks or repetitive cycles in your current reality. It is believed that by becoming aware of past life issues we help resolve current problems or release old programs of thought from our physical bodies.


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