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Manifestation, or “to manifest” something, is to visually express one’s-self through a process of individual action. The seeds of manifestation are thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Manifestation is the process of cause and effect utilizing these expressive variables. This process effectively materializes a result based on the cause.

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are the tools we use to manifest, or bring forth, experiences in our reality. Our entire life is nothing more than one whole experience comprised of manifested possibilities we have taken action to incorporate into our lives. In life we are free to make choices in each and every moment. These choices are based on possibilities that present themselves to us based on what we attract utilizing these tools. This said, it should become clear that what we think, what we feel, how we react to those thoughts and feelings, and what we communicate through words and body language greatly effects what we attract to us moment by moment.

There are a variety of methods that have developed over time to help individuals master manifestation as a tool to realize our dreams. Ultimately, however, it comes down to attitude, self-esteem, and better understanding who we are as individuals at the deepest level. It is about being able to look at ourselves with real eyes and have the courage to face our fears, release our self-instilled limitations, and utilize our intuition to better understand why we think and feel the way we do, and why we react to those thoughts and feelings the way we do.

Manifestation has a direct effect on our physical health, our relationships, our finances, our daily experiences, and so on. To master manifestation as an effective tool is to open the door to realizing your dreams.


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