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Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is based on the laws of attractive and repulsive force first introduced by Emperdocles, Greek pre-Socratic Philosopher, and later expanded upon by Plato. Plato asserted the first law of affinity that likes tend to attract to other likes.

Through the application of affinity to chemical systems, Albertus Magnus, also known as St. Albert the Great, a Dominican friar and bishop, introduced the four laws of affinity.

In the late 1600’s, Isaac Newton proposed that chemical affinities were due to particular forces that tended to follow similar laws of planetary motion. Though other individuals, such as French physician and chemist Etienne Geoffroy who expanded on Newton’s affinities by introducing a refined law of affinity in the early 1700’s, and French chemist J.P. Macquer who later published six truths of chemical affinity, had prominent influence regarding the development on the Laws of Attraction, Newton is considered to be the one who discovered the laws.

However, it best be known that ancient Greeks knew from the observation of magnetics that opposites attract and likes repel.

Today the term ‘Law of Attraction‘ is a household buzz word due to recent popularized films and best selling books. The laws are described as an effective tool for bringing forth your wishes while repelling lack, disease, and other negative energy one may prefer to avoid. The practice of expressing gratitude is said to emanate positive energy, and like a vibratory wave the energy is cast out to the universe. Our thought of a wish already being achieved is said to cause the wish to be immediately true, returning back to you the like energy of the wish as a part of your reality.

In this way, we are to understand that we have the ability to manifest that which we desire. We can also assume that any negative energy we seemingly experience is caused by our own manifestation through repeatedly focusing on negative thoughts and feelings. To release our negative experiences we simply change how we think and feel to attract that which we would rather experience.


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