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Intuition is best described as an instinctual knowing. It is commonly referred to as a hunch, a gut feeling, a burst of genius, and even luck. It is a function of the right hemisphere (female- intuition, guidance & inspiration) of the brain involving extra-sensory perception (ESP), but much more; it functions on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Each person experiences intuition differently. There may be physical sensations, such as tingling of the skin or a feeling of leaden weights in the stomach; clairaudient or clairvoyance; seemingly explicable attractions or aversions to newly met people; inspirational solutions to problems; feelings of closeness to God or the Divine Force; mental imagery; or clue from the environment that alter personal plans.

All individuals possess intuition, though some are more highly developed than others. Intuition can be increased, once a person recognizes it within him or herself and strives to improve it. The individual does this by paying closer attention to whole-body responses to information, people, and situations; by relaxing both the body and mind through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and prayer; by working with dreams; and by becoming attuned to spiritual forces. Intuition also develops in close relationships.

Intuition is important in mysticism. It is thought to be vital in perceiving direct and immediate truth of the most intimate secrets of life. Through deep meditation and contemplation, mystics experience intuitive flashes in which they perceive the ineffable nature of the cosmos, the Divine Force, the soul, and the unity of everything.

Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is a science, where the practitioner, using a highly developed sense of intuition, “looks” into the body, evaluating it on energetic levels. According to a Medical Intuitive, we, as humans, are more than just a physical body. Instead, we are made up of a vast array of interconnecting energies and energetic fields, with physical diseases appearing as an external manifestation of disturbances to these energetic fields. A Medical Intuitive easily detects these disturbances.


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