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Eleven eleven

11:11 – A Thorough Explanation

11:11 EnergiesDigital codes create our physical reality. These codes represent the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of the mind. The 11:11 digital code means the activation of DNA, representing the spiraling twin strands of DNA coming into consciousness. It is a trigger of remembrance, reactivating our cellular memory banks.

Our Consciousness created a binary world in which everything appears to be either on or off. Our computers and computer brain are triggered by these binary code numbers 0 and 1. The number 0 represents OFF and the number 1 represents ON. You could presume 11:11 means – all systems go!

Seeing the 11:11 frequently creates synchronicities in our lives. It is also confirmation that we are on the right track in our spiritual awakening. It is the transition between the old energy world of duality and the new energy world of oneness.

Many people notice 11:11 more during times of ‘accelerated personal change’ as a reminder of their purpose on earth.

Once the 11:11 prompts begin you may start to notice sequences or variation of numbers such as: 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, 4:11…12:12, 11:10, 10:10, 2:22, etc…

Numerologists state that the year 2011 will have great significance. It is the year that promises accelerated consciousness. The number 11 is considered a Master or power number. The number 11 carries psychic vibrations with an equal balance of feminine and masculine properties.

Numbers Around YouConsider the idea that 11:11 is a mirror image of itself. We could equate 11:11 to the opening phrase of the Emerald Tablets, stating, ‘as above, so below’, signaling the reunification of self in a state of oneness, while breaking the illusions of our duality reality.

Note the date 12-21-2012 of the Mayan Calendar. Add up the individual digits and you will find they also equal 11.

Kryon, an entity channeled through Lee Carroll, says that seeing the 11:11 over and over again is a reference to humanity’s window to change.

11:11 may represent a unique meaning to each individual so it is important that each one of us seek our own meaning and how it ultimately relates to our lives.


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