Orbs are pale and circular anomalies that have been linked with the paranormal. Orbs can be of any color, but are typically off-white, and are usually circular in shape. They can appear crisp or fuzzy, in isolation, multiples or clusters.

The most common “orbs” photos are merely refractions of light on the camera lens. This occurs when the camera flash bounces back from something reflective in the range of the camera. When this happens, it creates a perfectly round ball of light that appears to be within the parameters of the photo but is actually just an image on the lens itself. Many people often mistake these "orbs" for genuine evidence of ghosts.

This is not to say that all orb photos contain lens flare, nor does this explain physical sightings of orbs. Many have claimed to see these orbs manifest and move about a room.

  • Orbs are thought to be interdimensional vehicles. Known to the Egyptians as 'sun boats' and referred to in the Bible as 'Merkabah'.
  • Orbs can be sensed or heard. The 'sound' they make is a super-high tone, chiefly heard inside of the head - inside or past the ear, beyond normal hearing.
  • Orbs may have different appearances, and more than one type exists. One type is considered the essence of the human spirit or ghost. The second type of orb is used in conjunction with electromagnetic vehicles (UFOs). They serve to assist and shield the beings inside the craft, as well as being used as a means of propulsion.
  • Orbs are energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest.

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