The concept of the term 'Awakening' is one that requires an open mind. Why? Because becoming fully conscious of one's self requires that we shift responsibility for our own existence onto ourselves and away from anyone or anything other than ourselves. Opening our mind to what we may be capable of and the resulting possibilities opens the door to a shift in our reality.

Awakening is a term that has been brought to light to describe the shift from complacency, lack of knowledge, and an acceptance that things are not within our own control, to an existence where we become completely self-aware, self-empowered, and achieve a sense of balance with all things. It is the voluntary decision to become a conscious creator of our own lives.

Many of our fellow beings have yet to awaken to this reality and yet, those who are on the path to an awakening, also understand that to 'awaken' is not a destination that one necessarily eventually reaches but rather an ongoing journey full of experiences we may learn from until we finally transition away from this reality.

It has become a common understanding among the scientific community that the world around us (including us) presents itself in the form of energy. Energy is simply vibrational frequency. The walls of your home, the leaves on the trees, animals, water, matter and anti-mater, your thoughts, your feelings, sound, and the colors that make up the spectrum of light, everything is energy.

The frequency at which the Earth's energy vibrates is 7.8 Hz. Our human brains resonate at the same frequency as that of the Earth. When an individual chooses to become awakened in their own life they are simply selecting a path that may eventually lead them to a balance of mind, body, and soul in harmony with all things.

We find through this process that we can achieve great things. We can choose to be happy, healthy, and full of life. We can choose our experiences and our emotional responses to those experiences. We begin to understand that we need not hold onto beliefs we once held so dear if, in fact, these beliefs no longer ring true to us.

Often times, those who head down this path find that it frees them from pain, suffering, depression, guilt, lack, fear and stress. Those 'rhythms' are replaced with rhythms that are harmonious, resonating an energy that is magnetic. It's simple really. Good things happen when we are free to make choices, and free from the limitations we seem to have placed on ourselves due to the belief that those limitations are unavoidable.

You may experience seeing the number 11:11 frequently. You may find yourself hungry for information, any information, related to finding your own truth about your existence. The more you read, the more you research, and the more you open your mind to every and all possibilities as to why we are here and why you have been given the opportunity to 'experience', the more you will find your true happiness in life. As a result, you will awaken to limitless possibilities in your own life and will feel the desire to pass on to others your happy positive energy. You will feel you are beginning to know and love yourself enough to be able to know and love others.

Awakening is not always a subtle change in your life. It truly is a cleansing process -- both physically and emotionally. Once you actually release beliefs you once held so dear you may find that others around you must make a choice to either adjust to the new you or not. You may be challenged by others with their beliefs that they continue to hold dear. That is okay. To achieve balance with all things we must accept that others have choices to make in their own lives. You may feel a desire to share your freedom of limitations with them and you will have every right to do so if it feels right to you, however, you must also realize that judgment is a belief system all the same. Balance with all things releases us from judgment because we find that we are all here for our own experience. Others may not understand your path. They may judge you. They may apply their belief systems on you, as they have every right to do. The difference is that you now understand that you are free to release those judgments, those relationships, or are even free to simply extend compassion for their experience. You can simply smile and reflect with the realization that everything is simply an experience and you are nothing more than an observer of that experience.

The path to awakening is one that is about you. It is a choice made by you to achieve inner-growth, find your own truth, and live with a sense of balance within yourself that exists harmoniously with that which appears outside of yourself. It is the realization that though we appear to be individuals independent of one another we are, rather, a part of a whole. One single energy. One collective consciousness.

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