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Divine Harmony

I am a student of the mysteries of life. Astrology is my first love followed by depth psychology. I am currently in a doctorate program of depth psychology which has led me to the path I am on now. I am drawn to anything esoteric- astrology, alchemy, shamanism, wicca, etc... I am also passionate about symbolism, archetypes, dreams and images. I know that I am here for reasons beyond my own personal existence and I have just begun to take the first steps on the path to make that my focus in life. I was first introduced to astrology twelve years ago and it quickly became a life-long love affair. Since then I have done correspondence courses on astrology, taken local classes in my community, attended astrology conferences and meetup groups, and devoured every book on astrology that I could get my hands on. It wasn't until I started grad school that I began to realize that my hobby was truly a calling and a life path, and for this I am very grateful. My one wish for humanity is to open the heart chakras of everyone on the planet. I hope to assist as many people as I can in healing their bodies, minds and souls as I journey on this same path of healing for myself. I believe that astrology can be a powerful tool for self-knowledge and healing and I hope to share that with the world. Namaste, Divine Harmony

Weekly astrology forecast- week of 9/7-9/13

By: Divine Harmony

Posted: September 7, 2015 ***all times are PDT*** monday september 7th- the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 1:21am when the sun in virgo semisextiles stationary and just gone direct venus in leo, this is the very first aspect venus makes after her station and it’s an auspicious one! the sun, […]

Weekly astrology forecast- week of 8/24-8/30

By: Divine Harmony

***all times are PDT*** monday august 24th- the first aspect of the day and week occurs at 3:25am when mercury in virgo contraparallels the north node in libra, energetically aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth. this week mercury and the north node will align by declination […]

New Moon in Leo- enchanting the Light and dark into Union

By: Divine Harmony

the new moon at 21’31 leo is exact on friday august 14th, 2015 at 7:53am PDT. with the new moon in the sign of the sun- we have a lunar month unfolding that is focused on our expression of creativity, passion, confidence, self-Love and enjoyment of life! this new moon is exceptionally potent as it […]

Full moon in aquarius- embracing spaciousness and change

By: Divine Harmony

the full moon in aquarius is exact on friday july 31st at 3:43am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in cancer on july 15th (the day that NASA did the pluto flyby). that new moon was square uranus and this full moon […]