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Who is The Best Expert On YOU?

Angela Artemis

This morning I was in the midst of an intriguing dream when the feeling of sandpaper exfoliating my face pulled me out of it. Stevie, my longhair tabby was furiously licking my cheek reminding me that it was his breakfast time, but I had other ideas. You see, every morning I spend a few moments going over the dream I’ve had before getting up, so that later I can see how it fits into my life.

This morning I popped out of my dream too fast and lost most of it. What I was able to remember though I scrambled to write down on the pad I keep on my bedside table.

From what I could recall I was going to see a townhouse with a realtor but before we even got inside she said, ‘Let’s go. This one’s no good.’ I asked her why and she pointed to a massive pile of rocks along the side of the house. She said the back patio was completely covered in rocks and that there was also a dangerous cliff at the edge – and she turned to go expecting that I’d follow her. I did start to go with her when it dawned on me that I should go see for myself first.

‘Wait,’ I called as she neared the end of the driveway, ‘I want to see what you’re talking about.’ I turned and walked around to the side of the house toward the rocks. As I got closer I saw that there was an opening in the rock pile that had been hidden by a bush. I pushed the branches aside and made my way into the patio. As I released the branches behind me and looked up I was pleasantly surprised to see a lovely flagstone patio – that wasn’t covered in rocks.

There was also an enormous mountain range soaring up to the sky beyond the patio. I walked to the cliff at the patio’s edge and looked down and saw a palatial mansion with terraced gardens and a patio of its own that had a huge sculptured fountain in a pool. I heard the water from the fountain gently raining into the pool. It was absolutely beautiful and tranquil back there. I was annoyed that I’d almost listened to the agent and left.

Later, I thought about the dream just before meditating. It occurred to me that lately I’d allowed the so-called experts on economic issues to negatively impact my thinking rather than following my instincts, and it had been bothering me. I understood what the dream was saying – Listen to your gut and don’t make decisions based what an expert says when it feels wrong to you.

You see, in my ‘day job’ I’m in financial sales and this week all kinds of statistics were released indicating that things were not getting better as they’d seemed late last year. Also, it’s typically quiet this time of year which added to my feelings of panic. So upon reading this information I’d allowed it to literally shake me to my core and topple me off the balance I usually maintained regarding my future. I’d been feeling constant flutterings of anxiety in the lower abdomen area for a few days now since reading these articles. No amount of meditation seemed to quell this anxiety either – which I hadn’t taken the time to explore regarding its source.

It’s easy to allow others with more experience in certain areas to influence you; in fact it seems downright logical, but when the information or decisions negatively impact you it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and review. Lucky for me, my dream put me back in touch with the source of my anxiety and I was able to calm down and re-center in meditation today.
Now I see that I mustn’t give up and walk away (not that I had any intentions of doing this), but that I should find a new creative way of getting past the so-called obstacles in this industry because there is a way; and I will find it. And, when I do I too will be pleasantly surprised by what awaits me on the other side of the ‘rock pile.’

Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis is an intuitive, and medium, who is passionate about teaching others to develop their own intuitive abilities. Long-term practice of her gift of clairvoyance while working in the world of financial planning, private-banking, and real estate finance has given her a reputation as a practical, and down-to-earth intuitive life and business coach. She combines intuition, and practical advice to help clients deal with challenges and find solutions, so that they may live live successful, prosperous and happy lives.

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