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What Time Is It?

Sherry Anshara

“Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung.

What a fabulous quote that says it all. The reality is…is that it is an inside job.

There is no doubt about it, right here, right now there are enormous fears permeating this planet, not just globally, nationally but locally. Everyone seems to be waiting for something to happen…”outside of themselves.” Intrinsically we really know that everything that happens to us is an inside job. Hence you as a collective consciousness and you as a part of the outside collective consciousness are the creativity and the creator of your life no matter what is going on in the “outside”. You have a choice of how you choose to participate or not in the outside collective know as “they”. Sometimes it is much easier to have convenient amnesia.

What have we learned from his-story or for that matter from her-story. So from the story, do today’s headlines affect tomorrow’s results? Here are the headlines from Time Magazine for the last 30 years. Do they sound currently familiar? Do they sound as scary yesterday as they do at this present time? Is it Time Magazine after Time Magazine, time after time? Time Magazine: 1974: Energy Crunch Real or Phony?, World Inflation, The Big Headache, Economy, Recession Greetings. 1975: Doctoring the Economy What will work? 1978: Trying to Build Confidence, The inflation Fighter. 1979: The Energy Mess, The World Over a Barrel, The Topsy-Turvey Economy (New Ideas to Set it Right), The Squeeze of ’79. 1981: The Ax Falls. 1982: Unemployment, the Biggest Worry, Interest Rate Anguish. 1984: That Monster Deficit (America’s Economic Black Hole), America’s Banks Awash in Troubles. 1986: Good News! Cheap Oil-Bad News! Cheap Oil, High Tech Wall Street is it Good for America? 1987: The Crash (After a Wild Week on Wall Street, the world is different). 1990: High Anxiety (Looming Recession, government paralysis and the threat of war, are giving Americans a case of the jitters). 1992: The Recession – How Bad is it? And what gives on Wall Street? The Economy – Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? 1998: Is the Boom Over? 2001 How to survive the Slump? Looking beyond the Bear, September 11, 2008 Surviving the Lean Economy.

Are we getting the picture or pictures? What is real and what isn’t? That’s the million dollar questions. Even during the depression millionaires were made. And during each of these Time Magazine years, millionaires will be made. But it isn’t just about being a millionaire, it is about having a stable life, good health and healthy relationships and creating your own life. With all the fear that permeates the collective consciousness of everyone, then the individual’s collective consciousness of their bodies get saturated with fear, making it a challenge to think and create clearly. The factor of fear destabilizes life, upsets the health and relationships of everyone who allows the fear to affect them. It takes courage to stand up to the fear. The fact is the molecules of fear are physically very dense, heavy, restrictive, and they block the creative process.

The stories are the same. Are you willing to buy the same old same old, or begin to create your own life as you choose it, not as it is decided for you in the press? This is the best time because it is the time in which we all live right here right now to create, implement and manifest our lives. This is the only time that counts right now.

Let go of the stifling fear. Look inside your Self. You may be the one whose creative idea creates a new product, a new industry, prosperity for your Self, your family, for society. You may be the next success story on Time Magazine. You may be the paradigm shifter who makes the difference in the shift out of the old story. We can’t change the past, but individually and collectively we can change the future. The past is a minute ago, the future is one second from now. Let the past be a reference point only. Let’s reflect on these past headlines. Let’s not make these headlines more of the past/future. Time is really on our side if see the past for what it is… a lesson, information and what we learned to do again or not! The future is just one minute from now. Our future is what we make it, time is on our side.

Sherry Anshara

Sherry Anshara, Medical intuitive, is founder of her Phoenix Arizona-based QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness, developer of the QuantumPathic Energy Method(sm), and developer/teacher of Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications courses. In her private practice she teaches individuals, couples and families locally, nationally and internationally how to connect to their cellular memory by using their intuition to consciously create their lives. Anshara is also the founder of the Blended Healthcare Consortium, a group of doctors, healthcare practitioners and business professionals who are dedicated to the mission of providing personalized solutions for individual wellness at every age and stage. Anshara authored 'The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the Thirteen Chakras' and 'And the Point Is'?: Beyond Duality.'

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