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The Benefits of Conscious Parenting

Sherry Anshara

An Eight Year Old cuts the Bands of the Manipulation Program and Saves a Friendship!

This is a true story! The names have not been changed to protect the innocent because no one is guilty. This is not about naming names, this is about the name of the game that is taught, learned, programmed or instilled in children. Without blaming anyone, at the moment of birth the games begin. We are trusting not with malice but by not being completely conscious and not realizing with “real eyes” how children little by little and step by step learn the patterns and behaviors of the adults around them. Right from the beginning of their lives! By being aware and conscious, as are the parents in this story, their daughter at 8 years old is discovering how to speak her truth, trust her heart and honor her friendships without the trauma/drama affecting her life.

Here are the facts:

Three 8 year old 3rd graders at school, hanging out with each other, being friends and having a great time…until the unexpected! Two of them had a disagreement. It happens! That’s life. We do not always agree. That’s okay. But sometimes when the emotional right and wrong blame program begins to interfere with the relationships, the normal/un-normal protocol is to take sides. Two against one! Isn’t that how it is suppose to work? Well…NO! Not when you are conscious. There is no reason to gang up on the “other one”. Real sense, common sense is to get to the facts. Yet, so many times the emotions rule instead of getting to the core of the issue as the observer, which could resolve it with a win/win solution for all.

During the disagreement between two of the friends, one of them told the friend who was not in the disagreement mix, that she would have to choose between the two that were disagreeing. The three of them could not be friends anymore. Sides would have to be taken! It could be war. The 8 year old who was being forced to take sides, returned home after school, very upset, tearful and told her parents what had happened at school that day. Both parents very consciousiously explained to their daughter what it means to manipulate each other, especially when the situation is very emotional, non factual and has the blame game running rampant. Her parents described to her that she was, indeed, being manipulated. How did feel about it? What was her truth in her heart? She could empower herself if she spoke her truth.

The next day she returned to school to the friend who wanted her to no longer be friends with the other child. She very graciously told her friend that he was attempting to manipulate her. She explained to him what the manipulation program is. She stated that she loved both of them. But if she was forced to make a choice, then she would remain friends with the other child. He would not only loose her friendship but it would be a loss for all of them. When he understood that manipulation is hurtful, he had a definite change of heart. Lesson learned, the three are moving forward as friends, the past behind them.

One 8 year old third grader, through her heart, became the best student/teacher for herself and her friends. One person at any age, it’s a fact, can make a difference if we remember that the heart of this eight year child was bigger than a disagreement that could have been carried forward for each of the children all through their lives. You think it doesn’t happen. It does. We are all affected by things that happen to us in childhood, good, bad or indifferent. These three 3rd Graders are the future of this country. I believe they are creating a better future right here right now!

This is the difference. This is Conscious parents teaching children to be conscious! This is how we create a new Earth.

Sherry Anshara

Sherry Anshara, Medical intuitive, is founder of her Phoenix Arizona-based QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness, developer of the QuantumPathic Energy Method(sm), and developer/teacher of Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications courses. In her private practice she teaches individuals, couples and families locally, nationally and internationally how to connect to their cellular memory by using their intuition to consciously create their lives. Anshara is also the founder of the Blended Healthcare Consortium, a group of doctors, healthcare practitioners and business professionals who are dedicated to the mission of providing personalized solutions for individual wellness at every age and stage. Anshara authored 'The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the Thirteen Chakras' and 'And the Point Is'?: Beyond Duality.'

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