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Moving Beyond the Physical: Awakening the Creative Intelligence

Bill White

Beyond the veil of our physical world, lies the intelligence that guides the planets in their course and maintains the ebb and flow of all the happens upon the stage of life.

Think of this as the air traffic control of existence.

As we begin to focus on this aspect of reality we must lose our words and move to the power of symbol. We are stepping outside of the conscious realm and entering into the dialogue with our subconscious and the Collective Unconscious. Symbols are a bridge that connect us not only to our subconscious mind but to divinity as well.

Life becomes metaphor, and understanding comes from the passage of time through wisdom.

We no longer to seek strict definition but rather rely on looser interpretation and a wider range of associative brainstorming.

This is our creative imagination, that which we are fond of remembering from childhood and the same that was discouraged by the adults around us when we were growing up. This is the realm of our dreams, aspirations and hopes.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Where did you want to go? What was your deepest secret desire? Write these things down:

We must dispose of our lust for intellectual information and begin to learn from experience. We must recapture our ability to daydream.

In this state of awareness we reconcile duality and begin to see the unity of all that is.

We learn that change is the only constant and we observe that change comes with the passage of time. We see a further expression of the life cycle as all things begin in thought and grow to outward manifestation, bloom and then pass.
We see existence as fluid, much like a tapestry of time being woven together, or like a web. The points of connection sparkling out behind us as we meet and greet, love and leave, live and die. Recorded forever in the records of time, every action and reaction.

This is the state of awareness that dictates your career path, your obstacles and challenges. This is where we must master using our higher consciousness in the real world.

Symbols of this stage are:

  • Hourglass
  • Scythe or sickle
  • Saturn
  • Yin and Yang
  • The Universe

The hourglass is the passage through time. It is a reminder of the cycles of life. The scythe or sickle is a reminder of the reaping of the harvest, that all things come to fruition and it is a reminder of the law of karma. Saturn as a mythological deity was seen much like Father Time and was hooded and aging. The planet Saturn has a ring, and reminds us in this state that we are passing through a ring- pass-not or a veil to a higher level of reality. The Yin and Yang reminds us that we must balance the inner world with the outer world, the conscious with the unconscious. The Universe comes up here as an image of totality, the backdrop or underlayment of our lives in the world We are not aware of living in the universe so much as we experience our lives here one earth day to day, yet the Universe is there, holding our planet in its motion.

We learn here that all things are directed in their proper course. This is the realm of destiny. The powers of karma emerge here, as an impersonal guidance system designed to assist us in becoming our highest expression in the path of our lives.
This is the journey of spirit into matter. We learn the power of thought and come to realize we are not only responsible for our actions but our thoughts as well. The concept of ‘what comes around goes around,’ or ‘You reap what you sow,’ applies here.

Our test in this mode of reality is to conquer over-indulgence. We come to realize the fluidity of existence and must learn to still our emotions so that the images we hold in our minds are clear.
We naturally resist change, but in this state, we must learn that change is the only constant, and learn to embrace it.
This state is the awareness of that which lies behind the scenes, whether you think of it as divinity or subatomic matter.
To begin working with this state of awareness, I’ve prepared two exercises for you.

Exercise 1:

Creative Imagination

To distinguish, this isn’t a creative visualization, but rather an exercise in imagining with all senses involved. Pick one dream, goal, ambition and for this week imagine what it looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels like. Work each sensation equally. What does the steering wheel of that Porsche feel like in your hands? What does the leather interior smell like? How does the in-dash hi def radio sound?

Exercise 2:


Spend this week observing the motion of the Sun throughout the day. Pay attention to the phases of the moon. If near water, monitor the tidal changes. Note the temperature changes. Take a moment in the morning, at noon, in the evening and before bed at night to be aware of the cyclic motion of the day. See how many places you can recognize a cyclic pattern.

Becoming aware of and working with simple, subtle things like this can have a profound impact on your state of mind and move you toward a higher expression of yourself.

Bill White

Bill White was born in 1969, and adopted by the people who became his family in that same year. At the age of ten, his parents separated, and five members of his family died, including his beloved grandmother, who passed away in the presence of 10-year-old Bill on Christmas Day, 1979. At an age when most young people are riding their bikes, playing baseball, and not worrying about much other than their homework, Bill had already come face to face with that question, 'What is the use?' He immersed himself in a study of ancient and modern philosophical, theological and metaphysical traditions from throughout the world, seeking an answer to that question. Bill's study continues to this day. The body of his work provides the seeker with a much needed synthesis of the various traditions available, and more than that, offers very practical applications of a vast amount of esoteric knowledge. It is this combination of learning and living his philosophy, with an appreciation of all cultures and systems, that makes synchronicity an essential topic, and Bill White the teacher for our times. Bill shares his life experiences to motivate and inspire audiences. A somewhat mystical story of overcoming, his keynote and motivational presentations include topics on dreams, synchronicity, power animals, how to turn conflicts into opportunities and how to live out your destiny by decoding life's secret messages. Having a unique ability to teach individuals how to interpret the seeming coincidences that occur in their lives and leverage that insight into a more successful and meaningful life experience, Bill inspires others to take responsibility for choosing their own path and to believe in the guidance available directly to them from the universe. As a true synchronicity expert, Bill is passionate about assisting others to decipher life's secret messages and achieve the greatness they were meant to achieve. Bill is an internationally recognized speaker who captivates his audiences with his stories, weaves in the valuable lessons he has learned from the universe along the way, and warms their hearts with a pastoral style of compassion. He focuses his energy to present action oriented and transformative information in a polished style. Bill's rapidly growing international audience comes from several sources including the following: As a highly successful life coach, Bill has worked with such high profile clients as Mike Litman, bestselling author of Conversations with Millionaires; marketing guru, Stephen Pierce; and virtual marketing pioneer, Johan Mok. Bill's monthly magazine Synchronicity In Your Life reaches an audience of 35,000+ people. Bill joined such well known personalities as Jack Canfield and John Gray as a contributing author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 2 as well co-authored Enthusiasm Day by Day with Flemish psychologist, Ineke Van Lint.

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