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Having Trouble Remembering Your Dreams?

Angela Artemis

Do you ever wake up with that odd feeling you’ve had a dream, but can’t remember it?

Are there times when only a snippet of a dream surfaces?

Ever find yourself frustrated over being unable to recall a juicy dream?

Many people have trouble remembering their dreams – even I do sometimes. When this happens I know have to go back to the basics of dream recall again. I’ve kept a dream journal since I was a teenager and found many of the insights gleaned from my dreams invaluable over the years. So, when I don’t remember my dreams I feel as if something important is missing from my day.

Some of are precognitive dreams, some vivid encounters with departed loved ones, others recollections of out of body experiences, but the majority solve problems and answer questions about issues I’m grappling with in my life.

Why remember your dreams?

While I love all the different types of dreams I have the most rewarding dreams are the problem solvers simply because they are the most practical in everyday life. Problem solving dreams not only give you answers and guidance, but can also validate an answer or direction your not 100 percent sure about taking.

Today was one of those days that my dream evaporated into thin air. I know exactly why this happened too; I moved and opened my eyes too soon. Tonight I plan to go back to basics and do the following to ensure that I recall a dream.

Here are the basics on how you can be sure to remember your dreams too:

1. Make sure you have a pad and pen on my bedside table.

2. Set the alarm for a half hour earlier to have time to mull over your dream.

3. Create the intention to have a dream and recall it. Spend a few minutes before drifting off telling yourself that you want to have a dream, that you will have dream and that you will readily and easily remember it.

4. When you wake up DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES right away. After turning off the alarm clock – DO NOT MOVE. Just lay still to allow the dream to stay on the surface of your mind.

5. Do not allow pets to distract you when you awake, or better yet keep them out of the bedroom so they don’t wake you up.
6. After grabbing some of the pertinent details – WRITE THEM DOWN before they sink back down to the depths of the subconscious.

7. Do meditate directly after getting out of bed. If you’re not a meditator don’t turn on the radio or TV or talk right after waking either. After writing down the pertinent details – silence allows further dream fragments to bubble up to the surface of awareness.

One more thing I have found disruptive to recalling my dreams is getting up at night if I’ve had too many liquids prior to bedtime. While many times I’ll awaken and be in the midst of a dream – the movement of having to get out of bed right away yanks them immediately from my mind, so that for the most part they are lost forever.

Do you recall your dreams?

Do you have a problem your trying to solve right now?

Try this see how many more dreams you recall. Good luck my fellow dreamers.

Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis is an intuitive, and medium, who is passionate about teaching others to develop their own intuitive abilities. Long-term practice of her gift of clairvoyance while working in the world of financial planning, private-banking, and real estate finance has given her a reputation as a practical, and down-to-earth intuitive life and business coach. She combines intuition, and practical advice to help clients deal with challenges and find solutions, so that they may live live successful, prosperous and happy lives.

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