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Decoding Life’s Secret Messages

Bill White

Have you ever had a strange coincidence or string of coincidences happen in your life?

Maybe you’ve had the feeling of deja’ vu? Maybe you had a dream that helped you make an important decision. Maybe you had a friend call out of the blue when you were thinking of them. Perhaps you’ve had circumstances that confirmed a change you were about to make. Sometimes we talk about getting into the flow or synchronicity, that things seem just seem to line up for us perfectly as if luck where in our favor.

A lot of times when we talk about coincidence people say ‘Oh, that’s just in your head.’ For that reason I don’t like the term coincidence and rather use the word synchronicity. These coincidences aren’t just in your head, they are signs from the universe to help lead you along your destined path.

Truly the universe has plans for you.

When we talk about destiny it is inevitable that we will at some point arrive at the free will versus predestination debate. In my philosophy I have reconciled the two into a model that I believe more accurately reflects the true nature of life. Imagine a straight line going from your birth through life to death. This straight line is what I define as destiny. When we follow our destiny, life seems to be full of these beneficial coincidences, these lucky experiences. Everything seems to go right and we find meaning and happiness in our lives. If you depart from that, start making choices that are out of alignment with your purpose, you may wander off your destined path. I depict this as a sine wave weaving back and forth across the destiny line. Free will can get us into trouble sometimes, when we make choices that aren’t in harmony with what we’re here for. We start to experience a break down where things seem to fall apart. We find ourselves unfulfilled and wanting for more.

We need to walk that straight and narrow, what I call the razors edge.

I believe we all have a destiny. We all have a purpose. It is said in Judaism that ‘all appointments are by God even that of a janitor.’ Everyone of us is cared about. Not in an ambiguous or impersonal way, but in a deeply personal way. The intelligence I’ve seen in action demonstrates a sincere compassion and interest in the personal details of our lives. The nature of these messages is often quite simple, they serve as a beacon system to tell us we are on track or not. I think of this much like the game many of us played as kids where we would hide something and send our friends out to find it. As they got nearer, we would say, ‘You’re getting warm.’ If they moved away from it, ‘You’re getting cold.’

Sometimes these messages give us more detailed information, information about who we are, why we are here and what we need to be doing from moment to moment. These messages come to us in many forms. Sometimes they come to us in dreams. Other times, we may see numbers repeatedly or certain animals. This language is largely based on things we hold personally significant. It also works on the metaphors we get through the collective unconscious and through our cultural heritage. What is exciting is that as we begin to pay more attention to these messages, the frequency will increase.

Messages will come to us more frequently and often we will see interesting patterns emerge. It becomes like a jigsaw puzzle where we put these signs together piece by piece and begin to see a larger picture.

A great way to begin tuning in to these messages is to spend time thinking about and even writing down lists of things that are significant to you. What are the things you always collected growing up? What did you like to draw?

You can use free association on the things you run across day to day. What significance does a heart have to you? What does a diamond mean to you? What does a dog mean to you? Take the things that pop into your head as you think on things. Make note of these ideas. There is no wrong answer here. It’s important that you keep a journal. You should record your dreams when you first wake up. Jot down the little synchronistic experiences you have. Keeping records on these things will help you take a pulse on their accuracy and remember things even when time begins to make them fade from your memory.

If you get one thing from this, know that you are not operating in life alone. You are NEVER alone. Always we have a guiding force in our lives. You have a purpose for being here and it is your first task to discover what it is. Start living that purpose and you’ll see a life that rivals any great story you’ve ever read.

You’ll begin to find yourself fully engaged and excited to get out of bed each day.

Bill White

Bill White was born in 1969, and adopted by the people who became his family in that same year. At the age of ten, his parents separated, and five members of his family died, including his beloved grandmother, who passed away in the presence of 10-year-old Bill on Christmas Day, 1979. At an age when most young people are riding their bikes, playing baseball, and not worrying about much other than their homework, Bill had already come face to face with that question, 'What is the use?' He immersed himself in a study of ancient and modern philosophical, theological and metaphysical traditions from throughout the world, seeking an answer to that question. Bill's study continues to this day. The body of his work provides the seeker with a much needed synthesis of the various traditions available, and more than that, offers very practical applications of a vast amount of esoteric knowledge. It is this combination of learning and living his philosophy, with an appreciation of all cultures and systems, that makes synchronicity an essential topic, and Bill White the teacher for our times. Bill shares his life experiences to motivate and inspire audiences. A somewhat mystical story of overcoming, his keynote and motivational presentations include topics on dreams, synchronicity, power animals, how to turn conflicts into opportunities and how to live out your destiny by decoding life's secret messages. Having a unique ability to teach individuals how to interpret the seeming coincidences that occur in their lives and leverage that insight into a more successful and meaningful life experience, Bill inspires others to take responsibility for choosing their own path and to believe in the guidance available directly to them from the universe. As a true synchronicity expert, Bill is passionate about assisting others to decipher life's secret messages and achieve the greatness they were meant to achieve. Bill is an internationally recognized speaker who captivates his audiences with his stories, weaves in the valuable lessons he has learned from the universe along the way, and warms their hearts with a pastoral style of compassion. He focuses his energy to present action oriented and transformative information in a polished style. Bill's rapidly growing international audience comes from several sources including the following: As a highly successful life coach, Bill has worked with such high profile clients as Mike Litman, bestselling author of Conversations with Millionaires; marketing guru, Stephen Pierce; and virtual marketing pioneer, Johan Mok. Bill's monthly magazine Synchronicity In Your Life reaches an audience of 35,000+ people. Bill joined such well known personalities as Jack Canfield and John Gray as a contributing author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 2 as well co-authored Enthusiasm Day by Day with Flemish psychologist, Ineke Van Lint.

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