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Reflections on Healing & Transformation

Sol Luckman

[The following article is adapted from the author’s newest book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.]

The Role of Initiation

In stating that my fake veneer of wellbeing needed to be broken through for genuine healing to take place in my life, I mean that as literally as you possibly can imagine.

Initially, however, my nightmarish experience of emotional trauma and genetic collapse that initiated—and initiated me—in 1995 resembled anything but a teaching tool, guided by my Higher Self, designed to wake me up from what Ken Carey calls the ‘spell of matter’ to a knowledge of my authentic nature as a bio-spiritual being with a divine purpose.

Since that time, through working with so many clients with a similar sense of desperation, and watching so many better their lives beyond anything recognizable from the perspective of their starting point, I have been blessed repeatedly to witness a profound truth in action:

Breakdown is often a precondition for breakthrough.

In Chinese, in fact, the same character for ‘crisis,’ wei-chi, also means ‘opportunity.’

That breakthrough often requires breakdown does not mean, necessarily, that something of a physical nature (such as illness) must occur as we wake up to the fact that, to paraphrase Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, we are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey.

Just as there are many types of people, there are many varieties of wake-up calls to our greater life in spirit.

The growing literature on this subject, often from a first-person perspective, reveals an astonishing creative methodology on the part of the Higher Self when endeavoring to remind us of our authentic nature and purpose—the ‘why we came here in the first place’ aspect of our existence.

For some the initiatory fires come in the form of financial distress. For others initiation involves divorce or loss of a loved one. Still others experience mental illness, emotional wounding or spiritual crisis as spurs to conscious evolution.

But lest the reader think that only tragedy can foster spiritual development, let me be clear that, for many, ‘breakdown’ takes the far more benign (if for that reason, more ambiguous) form of an inner knowing that something is missing … that life must be more … that there has to be a reason why we are here.

At the risk of sounding like a party pooper to those who might be influenced by certain proponents of the Law of Attraction who at times appear to offer quick fixes with less than pure motivations, it must be stated that manifestation of a higher spiritual and material reality is usually neither easy nor immediately forthcoming when we embark on our initiatory path.

There are also numerous energetic modalities that make similar promises of instantaneous healing. While this may be theoretically possible, and even appropriate for some, many of my clients have ‘been there, done that,’ with less than satisfying results.

The real Secret so many people do not arrive at their destination by steering down such supposedly straightforward avenues is that the intention of their Higher Self is not to experience a ‘miracle healing’ in the blink of an eye, without explanation and engendering little understanding.

Instead, the intention is to utilize initiation as a catalyst for an inward journey that teaches love—for self and others—and imparts compassion and wisdom as prerequisites for healing and transformation.

The foregoing sentence contains the essence of what I call conscious personal mastery.

Life as a Classroom

If true healing were otherwise, if healing were simply a synonym for curing, alleviating symptoms, and had nothing to do with increasing consciousness, you would not be reading this excerpt because it would not have been written.

But healing, as I define it based on experience and observation, is much more than curing.

When engaged consciously, healing often pushes us through the fires of initiation so that we might be transformed and become purer vessels for spirit to flow through in service.

While we are on this subject, there is absolutely no guarantee that our desired manifestation of healing and transformation will occur, in this lifetime anyway, as despite embracing the initiatory experience in good faith, some people simply do not survive it.

There are also some individuals who achieve transformation without visible healing, as my mother did during her own inspiring experience of conscious dying. During the last month of her life, many of those who knew her best felt that everything about her transformed—with the exception of her body.

Faced with such unpleasant—and certainly, inconvenient—truths, we would do well to ask ourselves:

If there is any validity to the notion that life is a classroom where our core curriculum centers on learning the lessons of love (for ourselves as well as others), how could such conscious personal mastery be fostered if we never really had to study because our teacher always assured us of a passing grade in our tests?

This analogy encapsulates our student-teacher relationship with our Higher Self, including the ‘tough love’ and ‘kicks to the backside’ we often receive as spurs to our spiritual evolution.

Fortunately, many people, myself included, ‘live to tell about it,’ having passed their initiatory tests and—despite a variety of challenges—graduated into personal realities that are much more in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Recognizing Everyday Miracles

In criticizing the lure of instant gratification of many contemporary spirituality and healing philosophies, I am far from suggesting that miracles do not happen. They most certainly do, all the time.

Many children, thanks to living so much in their imagination, understand that everyday miracles are the norm.

The problem is that as we grow older, we can become so caught up in our personal—and sometimes collective—dramas that we fail to recognize miracles when they occur.

This phenomenon, which my partner Leigh and I observe on a regular basis with clients, can be rather humorous.

While a majority of our clients have felt and often taken time to express gratitude for the many breakthroughs Regenetics has helped them achieve, and a small minority have perceived little benefit, with a third group we tend to dialogue to this effect:

Client: ‘I had my Potentiation six months ago, and I just don’t know if it’s working.’

Us: ‘That’s understandable. Sometimes the effects can be subtle. How’s your insomnia that you mentioned in a previous email?’

Client: ‘Well, it’s a lot better, come to think of it.’

Us: ‘Great. How are you getting along with your husband these days? We recall things weren’t going too smoothly when you first started this process.’

Client: ‘You know, we went through a rocky period just after my session. But things are much better now. Thanks for asking.’

Us: ‘Fantastic. You’re welcome. How are those terrible allergies to wheat and dairy these days?’

Client: ‘You know, they were pretty bad for a while. But now they’re gone. I’m eating whatever I like. Do you think maybe this has something to do with Potentiation?’

Breakdown and breakthrough. The better we understand this dynamic, and the more we engage our personal evolution consciously, the faster manifestation of our potential can occur.

As we embark on our evolutionary journey, which is bound to have its ups and downs, it is vital that we grasp the cyclical aspect of true healing.

I like to call healing wholing. And I regularly remind people that this process typically has a way of ushering us through darkness on our way to the light.

From a spiritual viewpoint, this journey can be envisioned as one from stagnation to transformation.

And it always helps to keep our eyes peeled for signs that we are on the right path—whether these manifest as a seemingly insignificant serendipity or an unmistakable miracle.

Sol Luckman

Sol Luckman is a pioneering ink painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and an acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. Sol's latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy's awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams, won the National Indie Excellence Award (2015). Written with young adult and young-at-heart readers in mind, SNOOZE further proved its literary merit by receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition. Sol's forthcoming book of humor and satire, THE ANGEL'S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, will be published in 2016. Visit his website at

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