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As Above, So Below: A Tree Illustration

Avia Venefica

In an earlier article, Ecointuition and Tree Symbolism, I made reference to various parts of trees as metaphors for spiritual growth.

This isn’t an original idea. In fact, the Celts and other ancient sages were natural Ecointutives. They felt intrinsic connection with their surroundings and delved deeply into Nature for answers to the secrets of life.

The Celts understood trees as elegant illustrations of the deeper secrets to life. By observing trees with soulful vision they saw into deeper worlds of wonder, perfection, and arcane wisdom.

In fact, one of the most celebrated motifs in Celtic knot work is the Life Tree. It is an artistic design of the Oak, which is considered a ‘chieftain’ in the Celtic classification of trees (Ogham) because of its regal stature. Strong, noble and expansive in growth, the Oak is the patriarch of the forest.

This Life Tree design is noteworthy because the interweaving pattern of branches is identical to the root system. Put another way, the branches mirror the root system.

There is a profound gift in this observation because trees are living symbols of the Hermetic maxim: ‘As Above, So Below.’

This statement is essential in experiencing the broader connectivity of thought, manifestation and the cycles of life.
Trees reinforce this statement because they visually convey the importance of drawing correlations between the seen and the unseen aspects of life.

Here are a few examples of how the unseen root system is a mirror of the seen branch system and how this is a key correlation with the sacred functions of life:

  • The condition of the spiritual life (unseen) affects the physical condition
  • Subtle (unseen) energy has an impact on physical (seen) matter
  • A nourished root system (unseen beliefs) feeds our daily life (visible consequences)
  • Our thoughts (above/unseen) are directly connected to manifestation (below/seen)

It’s a heady concept, to be sure, but when we begin to see the world with Ecointuitive eyes, we identify profound epiphanies like this everywhere.

In the end, we are left with one undeniable truth: Everything is connected. This means small adjustments to our inner (unseen) life like prayer, meditation, devotion triggers similar changes in our external (outer) life.

So, as you move about your day, take time to honor the power in the seen and unseen and the play between these two aspects of life. Use the mimicry of tree branches and roots to illustrate these profound connections between thoughts and things. Walk the path of the ancient Druids and submerge into the sacred wisdom available in Nature. Know what they knew: Living by Ecointuition makes a big impact on the world within and around us.

Avia Venefica

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