About TR Founders

When people ask what led us to create Token Rock, we can't help but express our mutual desires to make a profound difference in the lives of humanity and the world in which we live.

GlobeOn our journey to bring Token Rock to life, we have found that we are, by far, not alone on our quest. The foundation on which it was created is one shared by people around the globe.

It is our intention to provide you, our website visitors, a resource where inspiration, joy, and clarity greet you with every visit - where your spirit finds renewal and a rekindled excitement for life awaits.

As with anyone, the desire for change must come from within and from the heart. The way it touches you, and the point in time in which you hear its call, is a unique experience unto itself.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Token Rock.

If you find that what we have shared strikes a chord, let us know. We welcome your feedback and new ideas, and we encourage any involvement that empowers you and applies toward the greater good of our mission.

Token Rock Founders

Carrie-Anne D'Angelo, Scott C. Leuthold, and Steven Ferrino


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