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We have worked diligently to establish lasting relationships with individuals who are pushing the envelope in their fields. We have discovered that there are often similarities in what motivates each of us, and that motivation is the quest for our own answers to the puzzling questions of our existence.

Token Rock ContributorsMany of the Contributions to our website can be found in our Article and Media Libraries, Affirmations section, and other areas within the Token Rock Inspirations Center. Some individuals have offered in-depth scientific research on subjects in their fields, while others have offered insightful and inspiring articles related to their individual perspectives on issues such as self-empowerment, healing, physical health, and much more.

We are pleased to introduce to our viewers these amazing individuals, their work, philosophies, and reflections on a variety of subject matter.

At Token Rock, we welcome your submissions to our website, and we encourage the establishment of both business partnerships and friendly relationships. If you feel your knowledge and expertise would be beneficial to our mission and wish to submit content or to schedule a meeting to discuss a relationship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Anshara, Sherry
Founder of Quantum Pathic Center of Consciousness...
Artemis, Angela
Intuitive Life and Business Coach
Buhlman, William
Leading Expert of OBE & Astral Projection, Author...
Cernohous, Sarica
Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Whole Food Nutrition Therapy
Decoz, Hans
Numerologist, Author, Lecturer and Sculptor
Divine Harmony ,
Astrologer, Depth Psychologist, Mystic, and Healer
Dunn, Christopher
Engineer, Author, Researcher of Ancient Egyptian Technologies...
Ellerby, Ph.D., Jonathan
Author, Teacher, and Healer
Ferrell, Barbara J
Author, Poet, Playwright, Former Actress, Numerology Buff
Genevieve, Alexis
Divine Mystic, Clairvoyant, Empath
Haydon, Abby Isadora
Sedona Psychic, Mayan Calendar Astrologer, Trance Channel, Healer and Author
Jensen, Ph.D., John
Clinical Psychologist, Author, Master Graphoanalyst...
Knight, Michele
Psychic, Astrologer, Author and TV Personality
Laine, Nancy
Expert Numerologist
Leuthold, Scott
Co-Founder of Token Rock, Author, and Designer
Luckman, Sol
Artist, Author, Alchemist
Martell, Jason
International Researcher and Lecturer
Merrick, Richard
Digital Media Entrepreneur and Author
Mitchell, Stuart
Pianist, Composer, Cymatic Researcher, YourDNASong...
Mitchell, Thomas J.
Composer, Researcher and Author
Paul, Sophia
Owner OmShanti Yoga Wear, ND, Cert. Yoga Instructor/Reiki MT
Plouffe, Chris
Energy Researcher and Investigator, Medium, Reiki Master
Redstone, Lisa
Spiritual Coach, Healer and Teacher
Reid, John Stuart & Annaliese Shanda
Researchers of Acoustics & Sound Therapy, Inventors...
Russo, Salvador
Intuitive Astrologer and Visionary Writer
Star, Gloria
Professional Astrologer, Author, and Teacher
Strassman MD, Rick
MD of Psychiatry, Author, DMT Researcher...
Strong, Ryan
Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Minister
Venefica, Avia
Writer, Ecointuitive, Symbolphile, Naturalist, Human, Heretic
West, John Anthony
Rogue Egyptologist, Author, Lecturer, & Guide...
White, Bill
Synchronicity Expert, Author, Speaker and Success Coach
Whitehurst, Ellen
Renowned Feng Shui Author, Teacher, and Healer
Wilson, Donna
Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Healing Facilitator
Zouareg, Avtar Nordine
Fitness Coach, Author, & Inspirational Speaker
Essential Oils
Divine Music