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Richard Merrick
Digital Media Entrepreneur and Author

Richard Merrick was the founder and CEO of Postfuture, a pioneering rich-media communications provider for companies like Best Buy and Microsoft. Under his leadership, the company grew from a tiny start-up in 1999 into the top digital communications company of 2004 and 4th fastest growing technology company in Texas. Prior to this, he was the technology founder and elected CEO of 7th Level, a global CD-ROM game publisher and Internet technology company known for such award-winning titles as TuneLand Starring Howie Mandel and Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Merrick's work spans many areas of digital media, including search engines, graphics operating systems, multi-media authoring applications, interactive games, voice-response Web agents and dynamically personalized Internet communications. Throughout his career he has been invited to speak around the world on the future of digital media and cited as an expert in leading publications.

He is an improvisational pianist & composer, archetypal artist and independent researcher into the physics, history and social ramifications of harmonic science. He received his B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.S.C.S. degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Stuart Mitchell
Accomplished Pianist & Composer, Cymatics Researcher, and 'Your DNA Song' Producer

Stuart was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1965 and has been a professional pianist and composer for 25 years. After traveling the world for 15 years performing he is now resident in Edinburgh and has over the last five years released two major works, SEVEN WONDERS SUITE FOR ORCHESTRA and THE ROSSLYN MOTET.

The composition Seven Wonders Suite has been recorded by The Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens. A performance of part of the Suite was performed in The Dvorak Hall in Prague in 2005. This major symphonic work has put Stuart currently at #160 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame since 2005 and is regularly requested by their listeners.

Stuart's last work The Rosslyn Motet attracted world-wide media coverage including Reuters, ITN, BBC, CNN/Fox News. He has also has appeared in various television and film documentaries such as Decoding Da Vinci, Jonathan Stacks 'Secrets of the Code' narrated by Susan Sarandon and currently the BBC2 series Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham.

'DNA music exists within every living organism universally and now we have the technology to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic understanding of life, ourselves and each other'. Stuart Mitchell


John Stuart and Annaliese Shandra Reid
Researchers of Acoustics and Sound Therapy, Inventors, Authors, and Lecturers

John Stuart Reid is an English acoustics engineer and co-inventor of the CymaScope, a laboratory instrument that makes sound visible. He has studied the world of sound for over 40 years. He is one of only two men who have conducted an acoustic study of the Great Pyramid and he published the result in 'Egyptian Sonics.' In collaboration with dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, John is presently engaged in pioneering research in deciphering dolphin language using the CymaScope to create dolphin word pictures.

Annaliese Shanda Reid co-wrote 'Journey into Wholeness,' a map for living life fully, a map she followed herself when a life-threatening illness struck. She recovered using energetic healing techniques and has since lectured extensively on the healing arts both in the USA and UK. She has studied Eastern philosophies for over 20-years and both Annaliese and John share a passion for the power of sound to heal. Together they are engaged in writing several books on their researches.

Sol Luckman
Artist, Author, and Alchemist

Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, described by Nexus as 'revolutionary healing science expanding the boundaries of being,' and Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.

Sol is also author of the Beginner's Luke Series of seriocomic novels that hilariously foreground the role of imagination in creating our individual and collective reality.

Characterized by Reader Views as a 'modern-day Alice in Wonderland' and by Apex Reviews as a 'mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast,' Beginner's Luke is also, as literature professor Niama Williams has written, a 'spiritual journey that you do not want to put down.'

Luke's signature obsessions with self, sex, satire and slapdash highlight a serious, and life-changing, point: consciousness creates. The point is there is a point to living in the imagination—for only through it can we reinvent our ourselves and our world.

In Sol's expressionistic paintings, he is committed to exploring and depicting energy—specifically, that engrossing spiral of universal creative energy that is consciousness. His vision of the world is deeply shamanic, as a place not wholly solid, but informed by a kinetic vibrancy that is fundamentally intelligent.

His intention is for viewers to see this universe of energy in his paintings—as objects condition space with their essence, and vice versa, and the outside conflates with the inside because All Is One.


Thomas J Mitchell
Composer, Researcher, Author and Poet

Thomas J. Mitchell was born in 1932 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He is a retired professional musician. Tommy played brass baritone in the Royal Air Force Iraq Command Military Band in the early 1950s. It was during this period that he became interested in pre-history while visiting many of the ancient sites in the Middle East.

Tommy also played piano and organ in his career and made a study of the ancient diatonic scale and its relationships to sacred geometry and esoteric teachings. He became a Freemason in the early 1960s and gained access to information that had a bearing on his lifetime interest in the history of music and its relationship to classical architecture. It was this interest that led him in the late 1970s to the mystery of the cubes in Rosslyn Chapel and the
possibility that music lay hidden in the arches.

Other interests include watercolour painting and poetry. Tommy has recently completed a booklet of his recent poems which will also be avaliable on download.


Sherry Anshara

Founder of the Quantum Pathic Center of Consciousness, Teacher, Author, and Radio Show Host

Sherry Anshara, Medical intuitive, is founder of her Phoenix Arizona-based QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness, developer of the QuantumPathic Energy Method(sm), and developer/teacher of Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications courses. In her private practice she teaches individuals, couples and families locally, nationally and internationally how to connect to their cellular memory by using their intuition to consciously create their lives.

Anshara is also the founder of the Blended Healthcare Consortium, a group of doctors, healthcare practitioners and business professionals who are dedicated to the mission of providing personalized solutions for individual wellness at every age and stage.

Anshara authored 'The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the Thirteen Chakras' and 'And the Point Is'?: Beyond Duality.' She's a contributor to many local and national publications, and hosts the 'Conscious Healing' radio show live every Wednesday at 5 p.m. MST.


Scott Leuthold
Co-Founder of Token Rock, Inc. and the TruJournal Social Network, Author, Designer, and Adventure Traveler

As a creative mind, Scott Leuthold has more than twenty years of experience in the realm of graphic design, branding development, product design, and Internet development.

Scott strives to set a new standard of quality design in the industry of information delivery related to spirituality, cutting-edge quantum research, and any area focused on pushing the envelope of self-empowerment. His goal is to achieve a wider public acceptance of the material, thus expanding consciousness of the human race and expediting the awakening process in a larger number of individuals. His efforts appear to be paying off. Just as Token Rock celebrated its first anniversary, the website was officially nominated for a prestigious Webby Award by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. (

His motivation is his own curiosity and drive to find answers to life's questions and to continue a quest he embarked on in 1998 to achieve inner peace and happiness, which ultimately led him to Carrie-Anne, the Token Rock concept, and his vision for the Token Rock Journals (now called TruJournal). Aside from design, Scott directs the path of Token Rock, contributes articles and blogs on a wide range of subject matter, and leads groups on travel Adventures around the world.

Watch for Scott's new book, Rediscovering Your Divine Music, a book about finding balance and harmony through an understanding of our relationship to all things in our reality. Read More >

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