Numerology : Hearts Desire Number

Your Heart's Desire number reveals your desires at the very deepest level, and ultimately explains the reason for many of your actions.

Many times these desires are so deep they are invisible even to ourselves -- much less to others -- and therefore can take many years and much self-realization to surface. Few relationships last beyond the beginning stages if Heart's Desire numbers are incompatible.

Determining Your Hearts Desire

To find your Heart's Desire number, add the numerical value of the vowels of each of your names; reduce them to single digits; add the single digits; and reduce them again to a single-digit number.

Do not reduce Master numbers 11 and 22 to single digits when calculating your Hearts Desire.

The vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. Numerology considers all other letters to be consonants, except, in some cases, the letter Y.

The 'Y' is always a vowel EXCEPT when it is next to a vowel in the same syllable.

Examples of 'Y' as a CONSONANT: Mulrooney (Mul-roo-ney), Barey (Ba-rey), Troy, Yemen (Ye-men), Yantz, and Maya (Ma-ya). [Notice how 'Y' is found next to a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) in the same syllable.)

Examples of 'Y' as a VOWEL:
Yvonne, Cindy, Elly, Mary, Lynn, Connolly, Catheryn, Nancy and Mary. (Notice how 'Y' is not found next to a vowel in these names.)

More challenging examples of 'Y' as a VOWEL: Bryan (Bry-an) and Wyatt (Wy-att). (Notice how 'Y' is found next to a vowel, but NOT in the same syllable.)

[NOTE: In case of doubt, separate the syllables in a name, then see if the 'Y' is next to another vowel in the same syllable.]

For the numerical value of each letter, see the chart below.

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