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Navigating the Afterlife, DMT and Lucid Dreaming - Part 2

Video Featuring: Rick Strassman, John Anthony West, Lon Milo Duquette
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This is a great video combining the ancient practices of Egypt and the correlations between the pineal gland and the art of lucid dreaming.

John Anthony West, researcher and author of 'Serpent in the Sky', takes us on a journey through ancient Egypt unveiling the lost book of DUAT, which is thought to be a sophisticated manual of instructions on how to navigate through the afterlife. In ancient Egypt, the immortality of the soul was that to which everything the Egyptians did was consecrated.

The questions as to why certain organs were carefully preserved during the process of mummification while the brain was discarded could possibly be found in the pioneering work of my friend, Rick Strassman MD PhD, author of DMT - The Spirit Molecule. He shares his knowledge and research regarding the interaction between the pineal gland and the strange illusive chemical known as DMT.

Lon Mile Duquette, author of 'Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium', shares his experiences of lucid dreaming and the ability to consciously interact in your own dreams. The art of lucid dreaming raises deeper questions regarding goals by which you reach retaining pure individuality and the continuity of your own existence.

Could these be gateways to our inner dimensional selves?
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