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COTO Report and Megan 'Verb' Kargher are pleased to present Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation. It has become increasingly evident that large portions of the planet are descending at an alarming s...
David Ickes explain the illusion, the total control and manupilation we have been subjected to in this trance like state. It's time to move beyond the program of Mass hypnosis and awaken from our slum...
Eustace Mullins, researcher and author of 'Murder By Injection' reveals the true nature of the Federal Reserve.In this video he briefly outlines the history of how control of the medicinal...
Part: 2  
David Icke asks us to look at the deeper meaning of life. As a society, we have become distracted by the struggle of survival, while our younger generation has become immersed in a false sense of rea...
There is no time left to be complacent. The world is changing now. Not tomorrow. Be part of the change for good. The love. Not the fear. Let go your attachment to the old world and embrace the new....
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