Graphoanalysis Applications

Handwriting analysis has many applications in the personal and business worlds.

Gain greater insight into yourself or others. Identify career paths likely to suit you. Learn about your positive characteristics, how to build on them, and attain your goals. Become aware of character traits you can improve on, and traits to watch for in others.

Career Choices
Learn the traits needed for certain occupations, and how your own strengths and weaknesses may fit them. It can also reveal latent talents, and is especially valuable when combined with your known interests.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and how your personal traits are likely to affect the other. Discover the best ways to relate to each other. Uncover potential challenges as well as harmonious connections.

Gain insight into the personalities of your children and teens to help provide guidance and direction. Evaluate childcare providers such as nannies, babysitters, and daycare facilitators for safety and well-being. Profile service providers such as housekeepers, financial managers, and contractors for reliability and stability.

Assess partnership compatibility, employment candidates, and team cohesiveness. Evaluate subcontractors for reliability and company benefit.

Facilitate personnel recruiting. Gain accurate insight into employees' capabilities, aptitudes, work ethics, and general behavior so they are properly placed in positions that fit their talents and competencies.

Understand how your traits may fit you for the demands of the classroom and how you would master and apply teaching methods. Gain insight into the range of personalities in the classroom. Evaluate particular students for ways to improve their attitude, behavior, and performance in learning.

Use an analysis for a quick and reliable guidance tool. Gain deeper insight into individual roles in family dynamics. Shorten multiple days of interviews and testing. Enlarge understanding of basic personality characteristics, including emotions, thinking processes, and imagination. Assess common anxieties and coping skills.

Use an analysis of each party to better understand their viewpoint, needs, language, and behavior.

Assess character traits of clients and witnesses. Screen potential jurors for bias, fairness, and objectivity.

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