Divine Music - The Duality Experience

By Scott Leuthold

Duality as referred to here, describes the twofold dichotomy of the observer and the observed. It is the experience of opposites in a seemingly separated system. Where there is light, there must be dark. It is a human construct or belief system centered on separation ultimately commanded by the ego. Under the ego's reign, an experience only exists if it is allowed.

Yin and YangIn association with nature, the ego is the physical body whereas the soul is that which can not be touched, a consciousness. Conceptually, the two are in opposition to one another bound by what many now refer to as our spirituality in an attempt to balance their opposition.

The philosophy of dualism refers to the view that the reality in which we reside consists of two distinct, fundamental entities such as light and dark, yin and yang and so forth. Theologically speaking, duality describes the concept that reality is governed by these distinctly opposite forces and our human existence interprets these forces through the physical and the spiritual.

This state of duality requires two sides to every experience and therefore the state is inherently imbalanced. For, every variable is possible. The level of a condition experienced, requires an equal level of the opposite of that condition. Because of the inherent imbalance, some philosophize that it is impossible to create a state of perfect balance in our reality and that ultimate oneness may only be realized outside of duality.

Though all may be one and interconnected, duality creates the illusion that there is a separation that exists which challenges this belief.

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