Divine Music - Pre-Release Reviews

'This book speaks the truth. We do live in a musical universe - simple as a Mozart sonata and deep as a Bach fugue. In sharing the song of his everyday life, Scott illuminates the divine harmony in the world and, in so doing, the music inside us all.'

Richard Merrick
Independent Researcher, Digital Media Entrepreneur, and
Author of the Book Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory
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'Scott Leuthold not only understands the process of transformation and spiritual awaking, he lives it and shares from his depth of experience! In both practical and poetic ways this wonderful book provides powerful insights and guidance for the process of reconnecting with the spirit and spark of life.'

Jonathan Ellerby PhD
Author of the best-selling book, Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening,
CEO of the Tao Center for Inspired Living
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'Rediscovering Your Divine Music is a rich and wonderful read, a true resource that encourages the reader to dive into the depths of what is truly important in life. Scott Leuthold's willingness to reflect upon his own spiritual journey by holding up the great seeds of universal truth is an invitation for all of us to embrace our time on earth with open-heartedness. What are the the cycles of life? What does it mean to live with full expression? How do I navigate the complexity of my own life? What is my unique gift? These are the questions that Scott addresses in his book. Pull out the hammock, make a cup of tea and settle in for an engaging read!'

Lisa Redstone M.A.
Spiritual Services Provider, Teacher and Healer
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'Can you learn from another's journey, can another's experiences influence your daily life, and can another's perspective of self-realization support you to realize within your Self that you will find your answers? Scott Leuthold's 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' is not only a practical step-by-step manual to show you how to connect to your inner divine harmony, his book is a gift which gives you the guidance to go inside your Self to find all the answers to the questions you have been asking. I highly recommend reading Scott's personal journey of transformation. This book will transform your life.'

Sherry Anshara
Founder, QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness
Author of the book Age of Inheritance, Activation of the 13 Chakras
Radio Show Host - Achive Radio
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'Rediscovering Your Divine Music is a very personal, touching, and heartfelt expression of how to connect and deal with extraordinary events in your life - how music can be a synchronistic savior just when you need it.

I always believed that music is a ‘great friend' who is always there for you, and this is exemplified by Scott throughout his book by pointing out the many inherent qualities of music that support the mind and soul. Balanced by his knowledge of resonance and nature, it doubles as a therapeutic manual on how to deal with your world and finding a sense of ‘inner-peace' through the nature of music.

A beautifully written story and an expressive poetic journey into the union of mind, music and nature.'

Stuart Mitchell
World-renown Classical Composer of
Seven Wonders Suite for Orchestra, The Rosslyn Motet, and DNA Variations
Recognized Cymatics researcher of the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland.

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