Divine Music - 30 Day Course

28 Day E-Course By Scott C. Leuthold
(1 lesson per day)

Course: $59.97
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Course Introduction:

This is a 28 day on-line course available from Token Rock and Scott C. Leuthold. When purchasing the course, you will be prompted to create a Token Rock account. When your lessons are available, we will email you and you will be able to login to your account and read your lessons online or print them out. As always, your first lesson will be available to you immediately upon enrollment.

28 Ways to Rediscover Your Divine Music has been designed as a supplement to the book Rediscovering Your Divine Music. Purchasing the book is not required to enroll in the course, however, doing so may maximize your experience and appreciation for the guided lessons.

In this e-course, Scott Leuthold introduces creative activities and meaningful, thought provoking exercises that help to release negative, paralizing thinking and replace it with constructive and productive thinking. Once the process is under way and a light begins to illuminate at the end of a long and sometimes dark tunnel, Scott introduces concepts for relating to our natural world, deeply connecting to our higher self, and thus establishing a healthy perspective of the experiencs effecting us. The results often allow a release of what is no longer serving us and instead we establish a sense of appreciation for the music of life.

Simply by following and applying Scott's easy to understand methods, tips and suggestions, anyone looking to rediscover the spark within and move forward in life with a confident stride will be sure to achive a greater harmony and balance in life.

The lessons will give you the opportunity to tap into the power of meditation, tap into your intuition, discover the value of solitude at home and in nature, find comfort in the release of trama and self-inflicted limitations, harness the power of forgiveness and ultimately open the door to loving yourself.

Now is the time to discover the real you and to live by your own truth. Join the movement of self-empowerment, believe in yourself and your journey, and find real peace within.

Topics Include:
  • Release past life experiences that blur our vision of who we really are.
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others for those experiences
  • Learn the roles we play in tramatic experiences and how not to fall prey to your own ego manipulation
  • Learn the power of Meditation and the simple act of proper breathing
  • Utilize self-healing meditation to promote good mental and physical health
  • Get acquainted with Toning and Tuning
  • Discover the power of nature right outside your back door
  • Harness the power of solitude
  • Enhance your life with enriching outdoor experiences (even if you aren't an outdoor enthusiast.)
  • Learn the power of writing exercises to get in touch with your inner self
  • Discover that the one who seeks your unconditional love is you.

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Pre-release Comments:

Scott Leuthold's book and simple course methods have been a powerful tool for me to get back in touch with my true self. I was so submersed into my day to day life of raising children, meeting my work obligations, and keeping up with my rediculously long to do list that I had forgotten to take proper care of my mental health. I was going crazy. My record was starting to skip. The course really helped me put what is important in life back into perspective and with that transition, I witnessed a release of a great deal of stress I had been holding onto.

Angie M. from New Mexico

In all honesty, there isn't always time to drop everything and go for a hike alone. I have too many obligations. I was able to commit to only a few of the outdoor experiences Scott recommends, however, and this is a big deal… the simple tips and suggestions and the short moments that Scott suggests throughout the course were invaluable. In fact, one afternoon I was about to explode as a result of my busy, stressful work day. I decided to incorporate one of his methods which only took about 15 minutes in the Sun by myself… in no longer than a typical smoke break, I was able to release a great deal of stress and finish my day with a smile.

Lauren T. from California

I've been really reflective lately and have had so many unanswered questions. Why is this happening to me? How can finally find some peace within and not let things effect me so deeply? How come I can't find the love of my life? I feel so lost. Then I was given an opportunity to read Scott's book Rediscovering Your Divine Music and it touched me. I found so much I could relate to. When I finished the book I wanted more and that is just what Scott offers. An opportunity to put into practice all that he shares in his beautiful book, and that I did with deep gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, Scott. Thank you.

Lidia C. from Minnesota

I am an avid outdoorsman. I love discovering new, hidden places, but I'm not typically that intuitively or spiritually connected to the deeper music of nature when I am out and about. I found the e-course to be a really useful tool because I was able to take some of Scott's suggestions into the field and give them a try. I discovered a whole new world surrounding me one afternoon as I sat and really made attempts to make a connection at the core level. It was really quite enlightening. Good stuff, Scott, thanks!

Todd H. from New York

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