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December 23, 2014
I have had quite a few experiences that are not very well explained.
Ive seen shadow folk but only the once.
Ive had numerous d'ai ja vue, knowing both the visual stimuli and the next several sentences, these are not a fleeting feeling, they are conversations and last for minutes.
As a child I used to get physical feedback from my body that were not condusive to my shape, I felt my body as it would be, not as it was. This happened just about evrynight for about 3 yrs.
I also went thru the roof hundreds of times as in outerbody and watched the outside get smaller as I went higher.
I have years when nothing much happens.
More recently Iv had two vortex experiences, once whilst lying in bed on a very sunny morning, the dust in the bedroom was being illuminated and moving randomly, as it does. In the middle of my view was a vortex within that, maybe 5ft high about a metre in diameter and was funnel in shape. It turned anti clockwise, I changed my position in the bed several times to see if it was just visual and following my eye line. It wasnt. I watched said vortex for about 50 minutes, fascinated. The most interesting thing was that it played absolutely no impact on the dust. Both being seperate to one another. The next vortex I saw, was in my darkend front room. A friend seemed to bring it in. He is prone to seeing things too. I said what the hell have you brought with you today, he looked at me quizzickly and said, I dont know but its been with me all day, can you feel it. I said no not at all I can just see a vortex by your left hand side. That lasted about half an hour. This was slimmer than the last and yet moved at the same pace in spiral fashion obviously. My other experiences have been too numerous.....odd isnt it. Ive given up on other stufff and trying to understand, but theses vortexs are pretty damn odd......cause please.

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