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September 19, 2014
Im just going to jump right into it.
I was laying on my bed and i went to lean back to lay head.
Everything went black and I was suddenly about 5 or 10 feet away from my body. Felt like I was in someone else's body but I still had my thoughts and feelings. I was looking at myself laying in my bed from a different perspective. I then came back to my body and I just felt shocked, confused, strange, bizarre, whatever.
I was completely sober and awake. I feel that maybe I could've crossed over to a different side of reality for a split second and then came back.
What do you think this means? any answers would be helpful
May 31, 2015
What an awesome experience lalalalexa. What it means is exactly what you thought, an out of body experience. What happens, especially when we are asleep is that we leave our bodies and go do other things. In instances where you have these out of body experiences while still awake is that possibly your higher self was trying to communicate with you. The more we keep ascending into 5D the more you will most likely experience these out of body experiences. Just try to listen with your heart and you may get a clear message. Sometimes we just take a break from our physical bodies also...not sure what was going on with you that day but you may also have needed just to step out for a bit.

I have spent most of my young life out of my body and just watching from above. Learning to stay grounded was hard for me but I have learned to do so and enjoy the journeys outside my body as well.

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