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October 21, 2016
Hello to all the nurturers out there..I'm new to this forum..hope to hear from some of you in the 6 realm. Have a pleasant day!
October 28, 2016
Hi. My five year old daughter and I are both life path 6. I don't know too much about numerology but I'm looking forward to learning. I've been focusing most of my time studying astrology but numbers keep popping up all over the place for me so I know it's important. I noticed that you called life path 6 a nurturer. Interesting because I have cancer Moon and that is also a nurturing sign .
October 29, 2016
Hi Libra929 - You really should take a look at the Numerology side of things. The person I learned a lot from is "Glynnis McCants" they call her the "numbers lady". Yes, there is so much to be learned from your life path and compatibility with the other numbers. The sixes are "nurturers". We seem to take care of everyone, never putting ourselves first. We actually have to learn to pamper ourselves as we are usually too busy reaching out to others. I see you are also a Libra..I am Libra/Scorpio..cusp baby. Nice to meet you!

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