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May 25, 2015
What is the significance when one person's Birth name=11/childhood nickname=11/Married name=11/Date of Birth=11?
This is weird. What should this person be doing? Every credit card has an 11,house number, SS#, and her kids SS# has an 11. So, what's going on with her? No one knows, everyone baffled or just doesn't answer.

Thanks for your help,
Donald Breaux
November 22, 2015
Ann11 Spiritually,It is using the 11s to wake you up to it. Much as the way as the way as an astrologer walks into a book store and the right book she's lead to falls to the floor right at her feet. ;)
November 25, 2015
i was born 11-22-1994 my name calculates to 11 , every time i look at the clock its :11 of the hour.... high highs and low lows, im an empath and i do readings
November 25, 2015
the 11 are a abreviation look up doreen virtue 1111 meaning or of u see other repetetive # s they started the same with me, to the point of anger, exitment, some times when im having a hard time copeings it lets me know im not alone,,, has she tryd to use a pendulum
Valeria Teles
October 08, 2016
Hi!! I am 11 and I finally feel that now at 39 I am one with life's purpose.
Would like to have your opinion on my spiritual project:

With love and warmth,
Valeria Telesrn

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