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September 17, 2015
Just started learning about numerology since latter part of 2014 and have learned so much all through the internet! Knowing now that I am Life Path #11 makes me understand myself much better and has given me tools to also help others and understand them as well. I have learned to dig deeper in numerology and can also calculate destiny #'s, phone #'s addresses.....etc. Very interesting and I think it has helped me tremendously not only learning about myself but about others.....we are all unique individuals search of what all makes us happy! :)
September 19, 2015
What got you interested in numerology?
September 21, 2015
What got me interested was learning about myself and others. Knowing some people follow there true numbers and why some people are not. Trying to learn and help others......I prefer helping others .....more than helping must heal them self.....than can better heal others.....always looking at ways to improve and understand. Life is a learning process for sure! We will always be learning. :) Where at one time I found it so hard to juggle learning and we age is so different. I put everything into what I do....and sometimes don't leave room for anything I have soo much drive....I don't tend to give myself time to relax.....learning how to balance life is the key .....will strive to balance....this in due time. Learning Life any age.....everything in moderation.
Alain Briot
October 12, 2015
Hi Janice,

The movie 'Focus' provides an altenate view of why certain numbers become noticeable to us: repeated exposure to one, or several, specific numbers. How does that affect your approach to numerology?
Valeria Teles
October 08, 2016
Hi!! I am 11 and I finally feel that now at 39 I am one with life's purpose.
Would like to have your opinion on my spiritual project:

With love and warmth,
Valeria Telesrn
October 11, 2016
M 11 path also..... Very true

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