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May 19, 2014
I'm a bit confused about the third eye and the pineal gland.
The pineal gland is in the mid brain and the 3rd eye chakra point is in-between the two eyebrows up slightly.

Why the distinction and which one would you focus on?
For intent, for de-calcification, for awakening and opening?

May 31, 2015
The third eye chakra is between the eyebrows but it is directly linked to the pineal gland. Much like the heart chakra is not directly over the heart. If you are wanting to work on de-calcifying your pineal gland I would recommend doing a meditation where you focus on the pineal gland being covered in a white light and all the calcification falling away. Working with the third eye chakra is important for balance and opening you to awakening. As you keep working on these things you will begin to get the answers you are looking for but remember to listen with you heart.
Crystabel Bell
February 15, 2016
There is great info in the Resources part of this sight! Light enters the brain and it is understood in science it affects our body clock by stimulating the pineal gland.

The seat of the Soul is seen in Hindu as being where the third eye is described to be. As we call the two side of our heads beside the eyes ... The Temples!

Every time you do your Inner Work, Meditation etc you will be energising your third Eye, and it is the enlightening means by which you are in touch with In-tution. Your entire inner landscape is viewed by the 3rd Eye. Your consciousness!

ANd it depends on how much Consciousness you have 'Awake'. It is said by the Masters that most human beings only have 3% consciousness awake!

The more you listen to your Intuition, meditate, and diminish the Ego, the more consciousness you will release.

I would recommend, that you meditate and work on all your energy centres.... the lower chakra's are vitally important, and you need a good foundation.

I recommend the Middle Pillar - is the most complete practice for awakening energy centres and working on chakra's.

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